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Epson Surecolor SC-F6000

SKU: C11CD03001A0

GoTx 1900FX/2600FX Fixation


Mutoh ValueJet 1304W


HP Stitch S1000 126-in Printer 4DC17A


Epson SureColor SC-F6200

SKU: C11CF07301B1

GoTx 1900PT/2600PT Fabric Pre-Treatment


Mutoh Valuejet 1624W and 1638W


HP STITCH S300 64-in Printer 2ET72A


HP STITCH S500 64-in Printer 2ET73A


Epson Surecolor SC-F7100

SKU: C11CD72001A0

GoTx Textile Printer 4190 and 2259


Mutoh ValueJet 1628TD


Although people often associate printing with paper, the popularity of fabric as a visual communication media is growing, and so too is the demand for textile printing services. With the right printer to hand, you’ll be ready to meet all of your customers’ fabric-printing requirements. No opportunities will be missed.

A wide range of uses

With today’s fabric printers boasting all kinds of impressive capabilities, the opportunities for printing companies are near endless. You’re able to create and offer everything from branded clothing – such as t-shirts and jumpers – to long-lasting promotional materials like flags and banners.
A fabric printer will help you expand your product range to cover items many other printing companies don’t consider, giving you the edge over your competitors.

High-quality results

Quality must be a priority for any print company, with customers given so much choice as to where they source their promotional and informative materials. It needn’t be a concern, though – many modern fabric printers are capable of resolutions up to 1440 dpi, allowing you to print highly detailed imagery onto clothing, banners and flags.
What’s more, most fabric printers use specially created inks which have been designed to look great for years to come. This means you’re able to make – and keep – promises to your customers about the longevity and durability of your products.

Which printer?

With so many fantastic printers on offer, you’re sure to find one that suits your needs. Our range includes products from three of the industry’s biggest brands, Epson, GoTx and Mutoh – all of which boast their own impressive capabilities. Just be sure to research individual models to find all of the features on your priority list. Choose carefully and you’ll be wowing customers in no time.
For more information, get in touch with the experts today – we’re happy to answer any questions you have.