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Welcome to the Perfect Colours Blog section, we use our blog to write about the latest industry developments, provide useful hints and tips about large format printers and keep you up to date on whats happening in the world of Perfect Colours.

Printing collate ultimate guide - Featured Image

Printing collate ultimate guide

| Comments (0) | Jun 06, 2023

When it comes to printing, the term "collate" holds significant importance, particularly when dealing with large documents or multiple copies. This article discusses what collating entails, the differences between collated and uncollated documents, methods of collating pages during printing, and when it is appropriate to use collation.

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What's The Best A1 Printers in the UK 2023  - Featured Image

What's The Best A1 Printers in the UK 2023

| Comments (0) | May 12, 2023

If you’re looking for a large format printer, ideal for printing at A1 size, you can feel overwhelmed by the wealth of choice available. With so many A1 printers offering so many functions and capabilities, it can be hard to identify the best ones on the market. To help, we’ve rounded up some of the best A1 printers currently available.

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Why is my printer offline - Featured Image

Printer showing offline reasons and recommendations

| Comments (0) | May 04, 2023

In today's digital age, printers are an essential part of our lives. They are used in homes, schools, and offices to print documents, photos, and other important files. However, printers can sometimes show as offline, causing frustration and inconvenience to users. In this article, we will explore why printers go offline and provide a step-by-step guide on getting them back online. Why…

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Top 5 Best Large Format Printers of 2023 - Featured Image

Top 5 Best Large Format Printers of 2023

| Comments (0) | Apr 03, 2023

Large format printers range from 18” to 100” in width and can be used for all sorts of print jobs, from printing posters to fabrics. The main benefit, rather unsurprisingly, is that they produce large printed documents, photos, posters, banners etc. Having a large format printer at your business reduces your outsourcing costs and gives you more flexibility in what you can print…

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How to find a printer’s IP address - Featured Image

How to find a printer’s IP address

| Comments (0) | Mar 20, 2023

A printer, like any device that connects to the internet, has an IP address. This article looks at what IP addresses are, why printers use them and how you can find the IP address of your printer. An IP address is a unique string of characters and is used to identify each device that communicates across a network using the Internet Protocol. Printers rely on IP addresses as a way…

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 - Featured Image

Printers at the end of the road…

| Comments (0) | Mar 14, 2023

Like faithful friends, we’d love it if our printers lasted forever… Or would we? Because we all love getting to grips with the latest printing technology and having something shiny and new to play with. Sadly, it’s a fact of life that every printer comes to the end of the road, and when that happens service and support are discontinued and spares become hard to come by.

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 - Featured Image

The falling pound: price rises and how we’re fighting them

| Comments (0) | Feb 17, 2023

The result of the British vote on the EU Referendum has had some impact on the financial markets, creating a complex situation for resellers in B2B. Sterling has dropped in value against the Euro and US Dollar, forcing manufacturers to raise their gate prices in a scramble to protect margins and maintain profitability.

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How To Clear The Printer Queue| Perfect Colours - Featured Image

How to clear the printer queue

| Comments (0) | Feb 03, 2023

Many people don’t realise that it’s possible to cancel a print job, even when a document has already been sent to print. Whether you no longer need a document, you need to make changes and don’t want to waste a print run, or your printer queue has become stuck due to a corrupt print, it’s important to know how to stop both active and pending printing jobs quickly. Here’s…

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How to fix a paper jam in a printer  - Featured Image

How to fix a paper jam in a printer

| Comments (0) | Jan 04, 2023

There’s nothing worse than a paper jam when you’re in the midst of printing a document, especially if you’re working to a tight deadline. The good news is: a paper jam in a printer can be fixed relatively quickly, if you know how, so you can get your day back on track with minimum hassle. We’ve created a helpful guide on what to do if you have a paper jam in your printer.…

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How to check ink levels on a printer? - Featured Image

How to check ink levels on a printer?

| Comments (0) | Dec 02, 2022

When ink levels become low, the quality of print suffers. Blotchy or faded prints are a common sign that your ink is running out. Letting your ink levels get too low can also result in dried-out ink nozzles that can harm and damage your printer. Eliminate the risk of running out of ink in your printer by regularly checking the ink levels. This blog will explain the best…

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How To Print in White Ink - Complete Guide - Featured Image

How to print in white ink

| Comments (0) | Nov 03, 2022

Printing in white ink can be a difficult task and, in most cases, requires specialised printing equipment. Due to being an achromatic colour, white ink can not be created by the mixing of other colours, which is how printers usually achieve an array of shades. To print white onto paper you will require specially created white ink regardless of whether that is on a business or personal…

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