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Best printers for architects UK 2024 guide

Best printers for architects UK 2024 guide

For architects, having a high-quality printer is paramount. From the beginning stages of a project, through to the very end, architects require more than just a standard office printer. Blueprints, diagrams, renders, posters, maps, designs and even project proposals – all of these require specialist equipment for optimum results. A quality large-format printer can help architects save time and money, and it can also enhance the quality of their work.

But how do you know which one is best for your needs? In this blog, we look closer at the best printers for architects in the UK in 2024.

Best A3 printer for architects

Architects require high-quality printers to produce blueprints and designs. While A1 and A2 printers are essential for creating large-scale designs, A3 printers excel for producing detailed plans and sketches. These versatile printers can also handle printing documents, photos, and graphics, making them an all-around excellent choice for architects.

Epson SureColor SC-T3100 - t3100n

Small, but packing powerful technology, this printer is ideal for printing technical, architectural and engineering drawings in great detail. Able to fit into snug offices, this eco-friendly model also supports wireless printing and delivers deep blacks and crisp, dense lines.

HP DesignJet T630 24-in Printer 5HB09A

An affordable option that doesn’t negate quality, this model is space-saving and sustainable, with high-speed printing and wireless capabilities, allowing you to print and manage your plotter with the HP Smart App.

HP DesignJet Studio Steel 24-in Printer

Able to print multi-size projects automatically, this high-speed printer produces high-quality results. HP Bright Office Inks plots up to 31% more line accuracy and up to 65% more gamut, with intuitive drivers and true print preview for complete confidence in your results.

Best A1 and A2 printers for architects

For creating large-scale blueprints and designs, A1 and A2 printers are indispensable. These professional-grade printers deliver stunningly detailed prints that can impress clients and enhance the quality of architectural work. They can also handle a variety of tasks, including scanning, copying and plotting, making them ideal for creating presentations, marketing materials and other on-site projects.

A2 Printers

Epson SureColor SC-T5200 MFP HDD

Print graphics, CAD and GIS applications in perfect quality at high speeds with this A2 printer. Produce quality, vibrant, smudge- and water-resistant images in multiple formats, including data-rich files, with 1GB of RAM for ultra-fast image processing.

HP DesignJet T830 36", with Mobile Printing

This printer is ideal for architects working in the office or at the job site who need convenient multifunction printing, scanning and copying of technical documents. Simple to operate and with mobile printing abilities, this printer is fast and efficient, producing prints 3 times faster than any previous HP Model.

A1 printers

HP Designjet Z6+ 24 Inches

Advanced preview technology allows you to cut costs and save time, with a clearer vision of what you’re printing, before you print it. Ideal for graphic work, this A1 printer has 2400 x 1200 DPI print resolution, producing consistent and quality prints at any size.

Canon imagePROGRAF TM-200

The TM-200 printer is not only ideal for printing technical documents, CAD drawings and GIS maps but also posters, signage and displays with the use of Canon's LUCIA TD water-resistant pigment ink.

Find the best architectural printers with Perfect Colours

Perfect Colours is a leading provider of architectural printers in the UK. We have a wide selection of A3, A2 and A1 printers to choose from, each high-quality and perfectly suited to your needs. If you aren’t sure which architectural printer is best for you, get in touch today and an expert member of our team will be happy to talk you through the range of options we have available to best suit your requirements.

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