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Epson Dye Sublimation For Fabric Printers

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If you’re looking for a fabric printer which produces rich, long-lasting colours, look no further than Epson’s range of dye sublimation large format printers. Our range of SureColor models deliver excellent results and are suitable for producing a variety of textiles, from clothing and sportwear, to home furnishings and banners.

Want to break into the soft signage industry but are limited when it comes to budget? The SureColor SC-F6000 is perfect for your needs. It prints up to 42 inches wide and has a print speed as fast as 63m² per hour. Its large ink capacity (1.5 litres) means you can print for long periods with no need for interruption.

Need to upgrade to something larger? The F9200, F7200 and F7100 can all print up to 64 inches wide. Each model is designed to produce the very best prints for as low a cost as possible, so you’re not stuck for choice!