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HP Scitex FB 750


HP Scitex FB 750 - small thumbnail
HP Scitex FB 750 side image with blank image
HP Scitex FB 750 printing multiple boards
HP Scitex FB 750 side image with board print
HP Scitex FB 750 printing using new roll holder
HP Scitex FB 750
HP Scitex FB 750 side image with blank image
HP Scitex FB 750 printing multiple boards
HP Scitex FB 750 side image with board print
HP Scitex FB 750 printing using new roll holder

Key features

  • UV curable inks with high white opacity
  • Load, print and collect simultaneously
  • Print on almost any rigid and flexible media up to 302 x 250cm an 2.5in thick
  • New tabletop roll holder for easy, fast and efficient short runs on roll media
  • Vastly improved image quality with improved photo colour density
  • Increase applications offered with double sided printing, white ink and textured effects

Discontinued printer

This printer has been Discontinued and no longer available for sale, for more information on upgrading your current printer or for advice on the latest technology, call us on 020 7064 9660

High value applications

Expanding into the Flatbed printing market has never been so easy, the HB FB 750 gives businesses the opportunity to produce more high-value applications across a wide range of solid and flexible substrates. Evolving from the HP FB 700, the FB 750 incorporates numerous features and additions including a brand new head carriage for increased print accuracy. The new heavy duty output tables have been redesigned with an all new space saving design, allowing users to remove and easily store the tables when not in use. It also uses HP UV-curable inks which do not require any special ventilation to be installed, just a well ventilated room will suffice.

Full Bleed up to 85 sqm/hr

With high print speeds of up to 85 sqm/hr and an indoor print speed of up to 21.1 sqm/hr the HP FB 750 also incorporates multi-image, multi-size capabilities on up to 6 sheets/ boards at the same time and with true full bleed. The advancement of HP White ink HP FB251 technology and increased colour gamut across the CMYK HP FB794 set allows the HP FB 750 to print vivid, photographic quality prints with high white opacity.

HP Scitex FB 750 side shot no media
HP Scitex FB 750 wall mounted print

Application Range

  • From Retail POP/POS and Outdoor signage, to Fine art decoration and window graphics the HP FB 750 increases the range of in house print capabilities. Giving businesses the opportunity to produce an ever growing range of high quality, high value applications. Retail POP/ POS - Create unique retail applications and offer multisubstrate campaigns by combining rigid and flexible media
  • 3 year outdoor durability without lamination for both temporary and long-term outdoor displays
  • Break into the world of fine art for hotels, restaurants and corporate decoration by offering prints on aluminium, wood, glass, mirror or acrylic
  • Using the White Ink inline system allows businesses to deliver high white opacity applications on virtually any transparent, translucent or colours materials

New enhancements

  1. Loading, printing and collecting media simultaneously with the HP FB 750 helps improve workflows and reduce production bottlenecks while giving businesses the freedom to accept jobs with tight deadlines.
  2. The all new tabletop roll holder accessory gives users the flexibility to print one-offs right on the spot, no need to waste time loading and unloading heavy rolls for simple prints.
  3. The new table rollers have been redesigned to prevent damaged to rigid media when sliding across the tables.
  4. The HP FB 750 extension tables have been designed with storage in mind, they easily fold up and can be stored away when not in use.
HP Scitex FB 750 side shot with board printing