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Faster than previous models, InkTec’s Jetrix LX18 production printer has a 3.2 x 2mwide flatbed, a powerful zonal vacuum system with automated pin registration for quick and accurate media placement.

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Key features

  • The LXi8 features a robust and stable flatbed designed to meet the most exacting requirements, with automatic control of two vacuum zones to ensure substrates are held completely flat during printing
  • With the latest generation Konica Minolta printheads, printing speeds are more than twice as fast as previous models
  • The efficient LED curing system means eco-friendly printing with reduced energy consumption – up to 35% less than a mercury lamp printer
  • Look out for the convenient automatic functions including an automatic anti-head crash system, automated pin registration for fast and accurate media placement, and a touch screen monitor
  • The laser-guided safety sensor slows the head carriage down when objects are detected
  • Uses advanced and user-friendly GUI software developed specifically for high quality printing at high speeds

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Fast and environmentally-friendly printing

InkTec’s Jetrix LXi8 not only prints substantially faster than previous models, but it’s also more energy efficient too. Even though print speeds can reach 206m2/h in production mode, the innovative LED curing system reduces operational costs by delivering an overall lower energy consumption. With longer lasting LED lamps that require less heat, the LXi8 was designed for better green credentials, while the many automated features and safety systems make it even more user-friendly than ever.

High quality results as standard

Fitted with the latest generation of Konica Minolta printheads, the LXi8 produces photorealistic printing through high resolution and variable dot, even at the highest speeds. The results, across a wide range of media, are always outstanding.

World class InkTec inks

Our UV inks feature multiple benefits for both outdoor and indoor printing applications. UV resistance, high colour concentration and excellent adhesion contribute to brilliant colour printing on both coated and uncoated media, including flex, PVC, vinyl, ACM, acrylic, glass and foam PVC. Additionally, spot or flood varnish can be used to add impact, primer can be used to prepare substrates such as metal and glass, and white ink can be added for transparent or coloured materials.