HP Latex 280


Key features

  • Massive 104in print width
  • Built for printing on Vinyl, Textiles, Paper, Film, Wallpaper and much more.
  • Low-maintenance and remote management helps increase printer uptime
  • Intuitive touchscreen allowing you to easily control tasks and printer settings
  • Produce double sided prints with the automated registration process which move immediately to finishing
  • Use prints in areas where odours are a cause for concern i.e. Hospitals, Restaurants and even schools, thanks to the Greenguard certified inks and no VOCs.

Super Wide Affordable Latex Printer

The HP Latex 280 has been around for a number of years, initially launched in 2011 as the HP Designjet L28500 its technology has laid the groundwork for the new 300 series and for many series to come. With a massive print width of 104in and a superior print speed, the Latex 280 is perfect for companies looking to print large banners, vehicle wraps, wallpaper drops and even textiles; while helping reduce media wastage and a lower running costs.

Proven Technology

Even though the HP Latex 280 has been in the market for quite sometime, its ability to deliver great quality prints at speeds continues to impress new and current owners. Using HP Latex inks which contain no harmful VOCs therefore require no special ventilation allow businesses to accept jobs which would otherwise be impossible with a comparable Eco-Solvent printer.

Over the years the HP Latex range has been awarded a number of eco-conscious certificates, these certificates consist of the ECOLOGO, Eco Mark Certification and GreenGuard Certification which demonstrates HP continual progress at cleaning up the image of printing industry. Not only are these printers better for the environment, they give companies the opportunity to win more business from eco-friendly/ eco-aware organisations.

HP Latex 280 printing full width on a 104in roll of media