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HP Latex 3000

Deliver high quality, high volume printing with stunning results, from point of purchase displays and vehicle graphics to outdoor banners and wall coverings


HP Latex 3000 - small thumbnail
HP Latex 3000 left hand close up image
HP Latex 3000 close up on curing element
HP Latex 3000 close up of media
HP Latex 3000 close up with media on the floor
HP Latex 3000
HP Latex 3000 left hand close up image
HP Latex 3000 close up on curing element
HP Latex 3000 close up of media
HP Latex 3000 close up with media on the floor

Key features

  • Reach printing speeds as high as 180m²/hr (1950ft²/hr).
  • Print on almost any media type up to 126 inches (3.2m)
  • Perfect for larger businesses that need to print a large range of wide format products, including banners, billboards, textiles, truck curtains and self-adhesive vinyl.
  • Produces 1200 dpi prints using six colours.
  • No hazard warnings labels or special ventilation is required, as the inks are water-based.
  • Increase the turnaround time of jobs with quick media loading and by reducing intervention times.

Discontinued printer

This printer has been Discontinued and replace by the HP Latex 3100. You can view the new printer by clicking the button below

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Gain versatility with High Quality results

If you’re a large printing business that needs to fulfil a wide range of customer requirements, the Latex 3000 is ideal for you. It can print outdoor signage, including banners, and billboards, as well as indoor media for sensitive environments, such as healthcare facilities, as the water-based ink is odourless.

The HP Latex 3000 produces fine details with a wide colour gamut, resulting in stunning full colour prints on a wide range of heat-sensitive substrates! There is no need to laminate banners as prints have a scratch resistance comparable to hard-solvent inks on SAV and PVC banner media.

The best of both worlds

This printer will also enable you to reduce the time between printing and delivery, as the prints are cured within the machine and therefore come out completely dry. Your staff no longer have to wait around for prints to dry – they can be finished or laminated and sent off straight away.

HP’s Latex inks are just as scratch resistant as hard solvent inks on PVC banners. This means it’s possible to produce unlaminated prints for short-term use, such as exhibition graphics. The inks are also nickel-free. You do not need to specially ventilate this machine, nor attach any warning labels.

Using the six colours, you can produce prints of the highest quality. The Latex 3000 is capable of printing even the finest of details at a 1200 dpi resolution. In addition, it’s able to produce these prints at industrial production speeds of 120m²/hr for outdoor media and 77m²/hr for indoor work.

HP Latex 3000 ink set
HP Latex 3000 close up of media printing 

Fabric printing redefined

The HP Latex 3000 has an optional ink collector kit which allows users to print on unlined mesh banners and porous textiles such as flags and voile. The ink collector is easily inserted and removed as and when needed eliminating mess and wastage, while disposable foams absorb excess ink and are easy to replace when full.

Continue to push your production line

With a max print speed of 180 m2/hr and a max print resolution of 1200 x 1200 the HP Latex 3000 blows the competition out of the water! Capable of printing on almost any media type up to 126in (3.2m) and dual roll up to 2 x 63in (2 x 1.6m), enabling users to complete jobs faster and increase business offerings.

HP Latex 3000 close up of curing Unit