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HP Latex 3100

Featuring profound technological innovations building on the benefits of third-generation HP Latex Ink technology, combined with highly efficient workflow features


HP Latex 3100 - small thumbnail
HP Latex 3100 right hand close up image
HP Latex 3100 close up of ink tanks
HP Latex 3100 close up of media roll
HP Latex 3100 visual status beacon
HP Latex 3100
HP Latex 3100 right hand close up image
HP Latex 3100 close up of ink tanks
HP Latex 3100 close up of media roll
HP Latex 3100 visual status beacon

Key features

  • Take control of increasingly shorter turnaround demands without sacrificing quality – 77 m2 /hr (830 ft2 /hr) indoor high quality
  • Wide colour gamut with sharp repeatable quality produces superb print quality for signage and decoration
  • Produce high value applications for both indoor and outdoor print markets
  • Maintain control over your print costs by keeping peaks of production in house
  • Retain media value and quality with HP Latex inks which conform to the media surface
  • Confidently increase unattended printing with HP’s Latex Mobile application for remote monitoring

Discontinued printer

This printer has been Discontinued and no longer available for sale, for more information on upgrading your current printer or for advice on the latest technology, call us on 020 7064 9660

Meeting customer demands and deadlines

The HP Latex 3100 is the next incarnation of the HP Latex 3000, the hugely successful 3.2m Latex printer. Built to help sign makers and print service providers tackle the ever growing workload with even shorter deadlines while still remaining profitable. Capable of producing the highest quality interior decoration and sign and display applications, through to long lasting outdoor signage, the HP Latex 3100 delivers speed, quality and versatility to maximize production, reduce the need for outsourcing and meet customer commitments.

Built with HP Latex Technology

HP Latex technology has continued to advance in both quality, speed and scratch resistance. The HP Latex 3100 uses the new Optimizer Ink system to achieve high image quality at even higher speeds by interacting with the Latex ink to rapidly immobilize pigments on the print surface. Resulting in sharper, more crisp images without sacrificing print speeds. The 5 liter Latex inks enable printers to take full advantage of the versatile performance and wider colour gamut while adding value through the preservation of both gloss and textured surfaces.

HP Latex 3100 media roll holder
HP Latex mobile app

Time saving features

Reduce first time print mistakes with the in built LED Proofing Lights for on-the-fly visual inspection and proofing. The HP Latex 3100 has both a front and backlight, making it ideal for high-value backlit applications. Monitor and improve printing efficiency during unattended printing using the HP Latex Mobile Application. The application communicates directly with the HP Latex 3100, monitoring printer and job status, queued jobs, ink levels and pushes any warnings or alerts directly to your smartphone or tablet device.

Keep an eye on performance

The HP latex 3100 comes with an intuitive printer status beacon, this traffic light system helps production managers and operators see the printer status from afar. This enables one operator to manage multiple printers and finishing equipment much more effectively while integrating with the HP Latex mobile App for remote monitoring.

HP Latex 3100 awareness beacon