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HP Latex 330


HP Latex 330 64
HP Latex 330 right hand side with printl
HP Latex 330 right hand side no print
HP Latex 330 front with no output
HP Latex 330 left side with output
HP Latex 330 64
HP Latex 330 right hand side with printl
HP Latex 330 right hand side no print
HP Latex 330 front with no output
HP Latex 330 left side with output

Key features

  • 64in print width
  • 50m2/hr print speed
  • produce high quality images with better colour consistency at 1200dpi
  • Print in record time, with no warm up time and prints a completely dry and ready
  • Increase production levels and reduce print monitoring thanks to the automatic, low-maintenance printing
  • No special ventilation required during printing plus use your prints in areas where odours are a cause for concern

Discontinued printer

This printer has been Discontinued and replace by the HP Latex 335. You can view the new printer by clicking the button below

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Get the best of both worlds - Latex & Eco Solvent

The HP Latex 330 allows you to have the best of both water-based and solvent inks, as the latex inks produce odourless prints, are low-maintenance and have health increased advantages. Even eco-solvent inks cannot beat the water-based latex inks used by the 330.

This allows you to print for indoor locations you could not previously with your solvent printer, such as healthcare facilities. Durable outdoor prints are also possible, as the HP Latex inks are as scratch-resistant as hard-solvent inks on PVC banners. Unlaminated signage can last up to three years outdoors, whereas limited products last as long as five years.

Use less energy and reduce printing costs

Even at the maximum printing speed of 50m²/hr (538ft²/hr), the 330 can print and cure using less energy and at a lower temperatures than older latex printers. When your prints come out of the machine, they’ll be completely dry, allowing you to deliver them straight away, thus speeding up turnaround times.

HP Latex 330 64in outdoor printer
HP latex 330 with media loaded

Who the printer is suitable for

The HP Latex 330 is a great choice for print service providers looking for a way to create long-lasting banners for use in both indoor and outdoor environments. Busy companies with long order lists will benefit massively from unmatched production speeds of 50m2 per hour, while low-maintenance printing will ensure small teams are never stretched beyond capacity.

Unlike many of its peers and predecessors, the HP Latex 330 doesn’t require any special ventilation, meaning it’s possible to position it pretty much anywhere without odours or the threat of overheating causing any problems – ideal for small studios and office spaces.

Last but not least, an intuitive 4” touchscreen allows users to finely tune their prints for the best possible results. With the ability to save different profiles containing all of the specifics, the Latex 330 is perfect for firms with diverse product ranges.

To ensure the 330 printer is right for your business, we recommend that you try it for free through our month-long trial. You have no obligation to buy, and we’ll come and set up the printer for you at your place of work.