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JETRIX LXRi320 LED-UV Printer - Perfect Colours

This six-colour LED-UV printer makes the perfect high-speed entry level wide format printer, offering spectacular results with the latest Konica 1024I head technology

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Key features

  • The LXRi320 features front and back double rubber rollers and can print up to three rolls at the same time
  • The printer is driven by a powerful double servo motor meaning it can reach speeds of up to 90sqm/hr for outdoor work and 30sqm/hr for indoor work
  • The LXRi320 has a platform cooling system and a balance suction system
  • Operates with CMYK, Lc and Lm, plus the option of using white ink
  • 3.2 metres wide edge to edge and capable of printing on PVC, flex, backlit, window film and other media
  • Runs on Print Factory, Onyx or Caldera RIPs

Buying options

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Ideal entry level digital printer

InkTec’s Jetrix LXRi320 makes an excellent choice if you’re looking for an entry level printer that can take on a heavy workload. Printing at speeds of up to 90 sqm/hr on outdoor media, and having the ability to print on up to three rolls at once, this is a printer that can make a substantial difference to your output. Furthermore, the LED curing system makes it about 35% cheaper to run compa

High quality results as standard

Fitted with the latest generation of Konica Minolta printheads, the LXRi320 produces photorealistic printing through high resolution and variable dot, even at the highest speeds. The results, across a wide range of media, are always outstanding.

World class InkTec inks

Our UV inks feature multiple benefits for both outdoor and indoor printing applications. UV resistance, high colour concentration and excellent adhesion contribute to brilliant colour printing on both coated and uncoated media, including flex, PVC, fabric, backlit, window film and more.