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Neolt Electro Power Trim Plus

Durable cutters for wide and superwide format printers

Key features

  • Available in six sizes, ranging from 145mm to 360mm (145mm, 165mm, 210mm, 250mm, 300mm, 360mm)
  • Robust, rotating, hardened steel blade cutting head, mounted on a square sliding bar
  • Fixed painted stainless steel blade mounted on a reinforced cutting table
  • Ideal for cutting a wide range of materials, including heavy cardboard, plastics, presentation board and paper
  • Includes standwith adjustable feet for ground positioning
  • Features adjustable cutting reference guide and overhead lamp for lighting the cutting area

Buying options

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A cutting workhorse with the power to last

The Electro Power Trim Plus is a range of powerful, high-speed paper and card cutters. They feature reinforced cutting heads mounted on square guide rails, plus fixed cutting blades mounted on the cutting table. This allows for fast cutting in both directions, with speeds of up to one metre per second. These robust machines have earned a reputation for durability, and last for up to 20 years or longer.

Innovative cutter design

The design of the Electro Power Trim Plus cutters facilitates the horizontal output of the the trimmings for either pick up by hand or collection in the waste container. The engineering of the end frames allows for the processing of media that is longer than the cutter itself.

The cutter can be operated using either the highly convenient touch bar actuator or a foot pedal. The machines come with adjustable reference guides, an adjustable stand, a fluorescent wire cutting line and an integral lamp to light the cutting surface.