Neolt Shield Pneumatic Laminator

Neolt Shield Pneumatic Laminator product photo
The Neolt Shield Pneumatic Laminator range combines innovation, performance and value for money, while being friendly to the environment and easy to use.
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  • Suitable for car wrapping, inter decoration, paper transformation, sign making and multiple other applications

  • The incorporation of pneumatic technology results in reduced machine setup and preparation times

  • With an internal air compressor, all you have to do is plug it in and wait for it to reach the right temperature - the ultimate user-friendly laminator

  • The Shield Laminator air pressure system requires less power than electric motors, so it’s better for the environment

  • The Shield pneumatic system has independent pistons that adapt automatically to different media, allowing it to operate on materials that are not entirely flat

  • Users have the option to predefine the pressure to be applied to the media, or to adjust it manually

Neolt Shield Pneumatic Laminator

Innovation in lamination

For those looking for consistently high performance combined with speed and ease of use, the Shield Pneumatic Laminator range ticks all the boxes. This innovative unit has been designed for use across a wide range of applications, ranging from wall coverings and vehicle wraps to paper transformation and signage. Additionally, hot rollers are included as standard, further increasing the areas of application.

The power of pneumatic pressure

The incorporation of pneumatic technology into the Shield range of laminators gives these machines serious advantages over the competition. Machine setup and preparation time is reduced, and a Shield laminator does not require specially trained operators. Error rates are also drastically reduced, compared to laminators using electric pressure technology.

Best in class features

The thought Neolt has put into designing the machines’ main features puts the Shield range ahead of its competitors. For example, the plug and play feature means users only need to plug the machine in and wait for it to reach the required temperature before laminating. They’re also eco-friendly, as the air pressure system requires less power than laminators driven by electric motors.

In terms of performance, the inclusion of independent pistons in the air pressure system means that it can automatically adapt to medias of different thicknesses, and to surfaces that are not entirely flat. The rollers simply adapt to the media surface in real time. Furthermore, it is possible to pre-define the pressure to the to be applied to each media or to adjust the pressure manually.

Optional extras

We recommend the optional rewinder for the collection of the liner paper.

Neolt Shield Pneumatic Laminator