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Kala Arkane 1650

Higher pressure and heat capable makes the Arkane the ideal solution for UV

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Kala Arkane 1650

Key features

  • 50mm opening gauge of the rollers offers users a wide variety of applications
  • This compact machine has a small footprint, leaving plenty of room for access for media changes
  • Roll-to-roll operation – you can use an unwinding shaft for feeding prints and, once laminated, they can be wound onto the roll-take-up shaft
  • High speed operation of up to 6.2m/min
  • Optional LED lighting kit enables the operator to check the process – particularly useful in dark workspaces
  • Pressure adjustment system ensures a uniform spread of pressure across the substrate
  • The pressure adjustment system ensures a uniform spread of pressure across the substrate
  • 2 Year warranty

Buying options

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High volume, low cost

This high-volume machine comes with a heated top roller allowing temperatures of up to 140ºC. This means you can use less expensive thermal film on one side for short term protection, or use special types of thermal laminating materials for signage. It will also accommodate cold mounting films and thermal polyester films for budget applications.

Designed for high productivity

With five roll-shafts and one unwinding shaft, the Kala Arkane will be able to keep up with your workflow. You can store up to four film rolls at the base of the machine for ultimate convenience, while the metal feeding tray reduces material waste and saves time when installing film onto the machine. The 50mm opening of the rollers offers a wider range of uses and is perfect for your flatbed printing output.

Putting you in control

All the functions of this laminator are centralised on an incredibly user-friendly control panel that has been ideally positioned for ease of access. It lets you select the working temperature and can memorise the working parameters. Pressure, speed, forward, stop, reverse and safety reset are all clearly marked. The foot switch can be selected for hands free operation and when the machine is switched off, the upper roller automatically lifts up to preserve the rollers.