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Oce unveil new series of eco-solvent printers

Oce unveil new series of eco-solvent printers

Oce Display Graphics Systems has unveiled the latest versions of their CS9300 series eco-solvent printers.

The new CS9360 and CS9350 models have been described as "the next generation" of eco-solvent wide format printers and are based on the hugely reliable CS9160 and CS9050 models respectively.

The most impressive improvements is arguably the print speed. Both models can print at least 50 per cent faster than their predecessor, whilst each features a standard media take-up system and a sheet-off function.

What's more, report that they will also include interweaving print technology to help preventing banding or noticeable results from misfiring nozzles.

Attilio Mainoli, who is CEO of Oce Display Graphics Systems, predicted that the new models would be in high-demand amongst outdoor advertising companies.

Speaking to, he said: "This refreshed line of printers brings more productivity to print service providers that produce outdoor-durable work.

"There are still many applications that are well served by eco-solvent printers particularly in the growing out-of-home advertising category, which includes items such as posters, transit advertising and convenience store advertising."

The printers will both use only four colour inks alongside a variable drop technology. This will allow providers to save on ink usage by setting the printers to use the necessary drop size instead of adding additional light colour inks.

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