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Xerox AI – the future’s almost here!

We can all remember when Artificial Intelligence (AI) was the stuff of science fiction – robots becoming smarter than humans and taking over the world! Now, however, the reality of AI is with us – and thankfully, it’s a lot more benign and beneficial than its science fiction counterpart. Xerox has embraced the new technology and its clients are already seeing the benefits in a number of ways.

How Xerox AI is revolutionising the way you work

At Xerox’s worldwide research centres, the company’s brightest innovators are finding new ways to incorporate AI into the digital production process to make your life easier and your workflow more productive. Here are some of the ways AI is already helping you:

    • Smart algorithms – we’ve incorporated smart algorithms into Xerox FreeFlow software, enabling it to decide the optimal document layouts to minimise print waste.
    • Direct mail – by using data from your customers, you can create mailings that are more relevant to each individual customer – an efficient process for accurate targeting.
    • Job submission – Xerox FreeFlow smart software monitors press availability and then routes your new jobs to devices that are free to handle them.
    • Self-monitoring – our self-monitoring presses, such as the iGen 5, use sensors to constantly check their activity. This data allows algorithms to make real-time, in-process adjustments such as paper alignment and image quality, to ensure you get the best results possible without operator intervention.
    • Data submission – data from your devices can be relayed to Xerox for analysis. Our engineers can compare the information we receive from you to the expected performance for your printer. Our technicians will then be able to identify and recommend software updates or maintenance adjustments. Predictive analytics that will determine the need for service before the machine fails are just around the corner.

For more information on Xerox machines and Xerox Managed Print Services, call our sales team on 0845 680 9000.

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