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Perfect Colours Announce Distribution of Durst Rho P10 160

Perfect Colours Announce Distribution of Durst Rho P10 160

Perfect Colours is now an official supplier of the New Rho P10 160, the industrial printer capable of printing fine art print quality at production speeds. Its entry into the UK market place will help SME printing companies gain a better foot hold in the profitable large format production printing market.

The new Durst Rho P10 160 is a versatile industrial flatbed with its roots firmly steeped in Rho tradition while building on the technology present in the Durst Omega 2. Designed as an industrial flatbed printer the Rho P10 160 has the highest reliability in the entry level production market with its fully supported 24/7 printing. It uses innovative technology to provide perfect print registration on long boards as well as the ability to print side by side.

Perfect Colours are excited to take on the new Rho P10 160, Jason Burroughs, Managing Director of Perfect Colours had this to say,The Durst Rho P10 160 is an exciting new machine which will give printing companies interested in entering industrial scale large format printing the opportunity to provide their customers high quality printing without breaking the bank. We are delighted to have become an official distributer of the P10 160 within the UK, our fully trained engineers will be on hand to install, service and help maintain the Durst Rho P10 160.

The Rho P10 160 was developed by Durst to be an entry level industrial large format printer, capable of producing fine art print quality at production speeds. During Fespa 2013 Perfect Colours and Durst performed side by side testing on the Rho P10 160 and the Omega 2, the results showed that even though the quality and versatility of the Omega 2 was untouchable the Rho P10 160 managed to output more prints at a higher DPI in less time.

Officially the P10 160 is capable of printing 24/7 at 68m2 per hour at 1000dpi, this incredible speed enables users to constantly print jobs without sacrificing quality, while its compact robust design enables it to fit perfectly into a medium to large production printers with ease.

If you are interested in a demonstration on the New Durst Rho P10 160 give Perfect Colours a call on 0845 680 9000.

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