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Why the Durst Rho P10 160 is perfect for SMEs

Why the Durst Rho P10 160 is perfect for SMEs

Capable of printing in fine art quality at superfast speeds, Durst's Rho P10 160 really is everything a small or medium-sized enterprise could want out of an industrial printer.Durst's inkjet defines the new quality standard for industrial print production by combining speed and quality without compromising on either. The machine offers the ability to print on a wide range of media and it's through this versatility that SMEs are given value for their money.Although its flexibility is unparalleled in the current marketplace, the Rho P10 160 is designed for those printing in large formats. Advertising and promotional materials such as signage can be produced in a matter of minutes, which means getting ideas for a campaign onto print has never been quicker to do.The Rho P10 flatbed offers a wide range of benefits to SMEs, including...

Continuous print

SMEs should always be looking for ways of maximising their productivity and ensuring that every minute of the day counts for something. That's why the Rho P10 is perfect for their operation.The machine's continuous printing process maximises productivity and eradicates annoyances like pauses for masking found in a table system. All the operator needs to do is set the amount of copies they want and wait for it to deliver. With a top speed of 68 square metres of print per hour, this won't often be long.


Although the P10 has been released as an entry-level machine, its guaranteed quality of 100 square metres at up to 1,000 dpi (dots per inch) certainly isn't the performance of a value solution. The machine is equipped with the latest Durst Quadro Array 10 printhead technology for producing outstanding prints without loss of speed.Durst's machine demonstrates this quality in the printing of light colours and also can process colour addition without this having an effect on speed.

Board printing

For something a little more durable in adverse weather, the company may need to print on a long board. This is where Durst's machine really showcases its versatility. Its mechanical front stops provide perfect print registration on such surfaces, with this function also enabling side by side board printing.


As aforementioned, all of these qualities have been packaged into what's essentially an entry-level solution. The Rho P10 160 is the perfect machine for companies who wish to provide their customers with high quality prints without this draining their finances. Durst's machine is highly cost-effective and, for the price, offers the highest reliability in the market. For SMEs, few machines come close.

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