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A guide to printing vinyl car and vehicle wraps

A guide to printing vinyl car and vehicle wraps

Vinyl wraps can change the appearance of any car and can be great for advertisement. See our guide for printing vinyl car wraps.

Vehicle wraps are a fantastic way to advertise a product or business, especially if the company’s vehicle(s) is on the road on a regular basis. Hundreds or even thousands of people will see the advert every day, which could prove to be quite profitable for such a small upfront cost. 

It’s little wonder that vehicle wraps are growing in popularity, so if your printing firm is considering branching out to this lucrative industry, you’re going to need the right equipment, skills and knowledge. Printing and applying vehicle wraps is a lot more complex and time-consuming that other forms of marketing collateral.

What do you need to produce vinyl vehicle wraps?

There are many steps involved in producing vinyl vehicle wraps. Let’s look at everything you need to consider.

A skilled designer

First, you need to consider how you’re going to design the wrap. Not only will you require the latest vehicle templates, you must also have an experienced designer. If the design is produced incorrectly, the final image will be distorted or disjointed. Every curve, space and angle of the vehicle in question must be considered during the design stage.

The best wide-format printer for the job

The correct wide-format printer is, of course, incredibly important, but with so much choice available, which model do you choose? In the past, solvent printers, such as the Epson Surecolor SC-S range, were once the favoured option, but now, the HP Latex range are the printers of choice. Compared with solvent printers, they are faster, more cost-effective and better for the environment.

When selecting a wide format printer, you must consider the speed at which it can print - the faster it is, the more jobs you can complete each day, which means bigger profits for you. Don’t forget to check the running costs, too, including the price and consumption rate of the printer ink.

High-quality vinyl and overlaminate

The vinyl you use will make a huge difference to the cost and quality of your vehicle wraps. Remember that you get what you pay for – use a low-quality vinyl and you won’t get that sharp and vibrant image your customers will be looking for. If you want your customers to walk away happy and recommend your services to others, you need to use high-quality vinyl.

It’s not just about the vinyl, though, the overlaminate you use will make a big difference too. Calendered overlaminate not only fades quicker than cast overlaminate, it simply isn’t designed for the curves of a vehicle and will quickly bubble once applied.

A clean installation facility

As well as a skilled installer who has extensive experience in applying vinyl vehicle wraps, you also need a dedicated installation facility. This facility must be temperature controlled and be as dust and dirt-free as possible. One speck of dust on the vehicle will show up under the wrap, and a large speck could cause a tear in it.

Need more help?

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