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Media Spotlight: KernowJet WallSharK coming soon

Media Spotlight: KernowJet WallSharK coming soon

KernowJet specialises in high-performance inkjet media for latex, solvent and UV printers – you may know of or have used their brilliant FloorSharK graphic floor covering. Now, they’re introducing a new product. KernowJet WallSharK takes the same principles and applies them to your walls, resulting in a stunning ‘sharkskin’ wallcovering that’s both durable and easy to use.

The high-performance wallcovering

KernowJet WallSharK offers a combination of features that make it the ideal choice for POS, museums, hotels, restaurants, airports, conference centres and much more. It’s a PVC-free, highly tear-resistant, self-adhesive film that’s printable with all standard wide-format inks. It can be printed with a wide colour gamut, and the textured ‘sharkskin’ top coating absorbs the ink, which then hardens into an extremely tough, scratch resistant surface.

The base is manufactured using ultra-strong, thick polyester, which makes it easy to handle and apply to smooth wall surfaces. WallSharK doesn’t suffer from distortion and can be easily repositioned during application. Furthermore, the product is absolutely shrink-free, making it the perfect substrate for easy, seamless butt joint application.

The removable adhesive on the back means that it can be easily removed from most wall surfaces. It’s an ideal solution for short-term applications across a range of wall surfaces, display substrates and paints. However, its hard-wearing durability makes longer-lasting applications possible too, for a more environmentally conscious solution.

Key features

  • High performance inkjet media
  • Suitable for latex, solvent and UV printers
  • PVC-free
  • Highly tear-resistant
  • Tough, scratch-resistant ‘sharkskin’ surface
  • Indoor application on smooth walls
  • Shrink-free, ultra-strong polyester base
  • Easy to hang and to remove
  • Ideal for use in public spaces such as POS, museums, hotels, restaurants and more
  • Slightly textured satin finish
  • Washable with a soft cloth and soapy water

For more information on WallSharK or to order some, call the Perfect Colours sales team on 0845 680 9000.

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