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Are you ready for Onyx 19?

Are you ready for Onyx 19?

Onyx 19 is coming at you, with enhanced capabilities and bigger, bolder printing solutions. It’s time to meet Spark Engine™ and DeviceLink+™ – and if these sound like something out science fiction, that’s because Onyx is bringing you the future of wide-format printing

Introducing the Spark Engine™

This is Onyx’s new performance platform, designed for the unbeatable speed, performance and reliability that has become the Onyx trademark. It offers advanced compression algorithms which can increase your RIP speed by up to 400% and a new threading pipeline that promises to improve printer performance by up to 200%. In addition to these step changes, the introduction of new rendering technology will increase your Step and Repeat performance by up to 600%. And when you’re working to tight deadlines, the new printer isolation technology ensures that print production continues even in the event of printer failure.

SparkEngine™ is powered by Adobe APPE 5.1, combining to create outstanding print performance.

Onyx brings you DeviceLink+™

This all-new system will transform your colour management experience, bringing absolute colour consistency across your entire fleet. Its advanced features include:

  • Automatic DeviceLink profile generation
  • GCR+, which can be used to generate ink savings on any media profile
  • New simulation and proofing controls for site-wide colour consistency
  • Improved colour accuracy across existing media profiles
  • The ability to streamline your workflow

You’ll be able to make precise output profile changes without the need for a colour measurement device. It will also enable you to achieve colour perfection using iccMAX v5


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