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Top 5 Quiet Printers Available Right Now!

Top 5 Quiet Printers Available Right Now!

One of the main reasons for lack of productivity in a busy working environment is noise. After all, when you have a mountain of work to get through or you’re delivering an important meeting, the slightest noise can be extremely distracting.

Noisy printers are one of the main distractions in office spaces and workplaces, such as schools, doctors and call centres. However, the good news is that there are a whole host of quiet printers that will allow you to enjoy exceptional performance and efficiency, without the noise.

So, if you’re looking for quiet printers for work, you have certainly landed in the right place. We’ve created a helpful guide outlining the best quiet printers out there for the workplace.

What is the quiet mode on a printer, and do you know how to print in Quiet Mode?

The Quiet Mode setting on a laser printer works by slowing down printing in order to reduce noise levels during the printing process. You can access the Quiet Mode from the printer control panel easily, and the printing noise will reduce without compromising on performance or print quality.

Here’s some of the best laser printers on the market…

HP DesignJet T2600 Multifunction PostScript® Printer (3XB78A)

Developed to provide a seamless printing experience with limited noise, the HP DesignJet T2600 Multifunction PostScript® Printer (3XB78A) is sure to become a welcomed addition to any working environment.

Featuring the most compact, quiet MFP, your employees will be able to access shared folders and print and share any document from the cloud quickly and easily.

Known as the world’s most secure large-format printer, this quiet printer also offers outstanding network protection, so you can remain in control of who is able to access your printer and any confidential documents on your systems.

HP DesignJet T1600 dual roll PostScript® Printer (3EK13A)

Allowing you to optimise productivity without having to endure the loud noises that often come hand in hand with other printers, this compact, high performance printer is easy to use, extremely versatile and perfect for printing and sharing any jobs from mobile devices that have the HP Smart App.

Featuring automatic print stacking and the fastest printing speed yet, the HP DesignJet T1600 dual roll PostScript® Printer (3EK13A) also prints to the highest standard, capturing fine lines and bold colours with ease.

This printer is also highly secure, making it ideal for workplaces handling a lot of confidential information.

Epson SureColour SC-T7200D-PS

Bringing together beauty and performance, this printer produces high quality, vibrant, water resistant images quickly and efficiently, with limited noise.

Printing multiple formats, including data-rich files, quickly and directly, the Epson SureColour SC-T7200D-PS is easy to use and quiet. Developed to fit easily into any office environment, this printer is also ideal for printing technical graphics.

Capable and easy to use, the Epson SureColour is also renowned for being extremely reliable, making it ideal for business use.

Epson SureColour SC-T3200

Capable of printing the high-speed printing of Graphics, CAD and GIS applications, the Epson SureColour SC-T3200 has been expertly developed to print high quality, vibrant, smudge free water-resistant images quickly and efficiently, with limited noise.

Canon imagePROGRAF iPF605

Built to deliver incredible large format prints for your designs, this multi-purpose Canon iPF605 printer will allow you to enjoy vivid colours, precise line rendering and unbeatable performance for all your CAD/GIS applications.

With its space saving, compact design and 4 media feed options, this printer offers outstanding performance and is extremely quiet when printing.

Here at Perfect Colours, we have a range of quiet printers available for you no matter the scale of your business. Get in touch today to speak to our team of experts about your requirements! Our friendly and helpful team is always on hand

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