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Are contractual sales models the next big thing?

Are contractual sales models the next big thing?

As HP continues to reinvent itself, the company’s shift from a transactional to a contractual sales model continues apace – and here at Perfect Colours, we’re all for it. The way the industry works is changing fast, and HP’s self-declared move is a reflection of how we see the future. So what does it mean for print providers and why will it be a good thing for print providers and their clients?

The shift to contractual

Accelerating the move from transactional to contractual is now a business imperative for HP. The industry is undergoing a seismic change towards XaaS – which stands for Everything-as-a-Service. This model places the emphasis on meeting customer needs in an ongoing cycle, rather than by the outmoded model of individual transactions that result in a disjointed relationship between customer and supplier.

What’s the advantage of the contractual model?

In this brave new world, it’s all about service. Gone are the days when you would buy a printer, wave goodbye to the sales person and find yourself left on your own to work out how to operate and maintain your new device. It isn’t good for customers and it puts suppliers back to square one after every deal. What makes more sense is to maintain an ongoing relationship between customer and supplier – this way we can provide you with the solution to all your printing needs, rather than occasional new equipment. You, as the customer, will be able to budget more effectively by having a strategic plan with a known monthly outlay to achieve your printing goals.

In support of the new model, HP Integrated Financial Solutions is expanding its financing and leasing options to provide new opportunities for ongoing print solutions. From now on, we’ll be looking to provide you with a service model that meets all your printing needs, and that can be responsive and reactive as your needs change and grow. It will enable us to bundle products and consumables in a more cost-effective package that allows you to spread the cost over time rather than having to find the cashflow for large outlays.

HP is revolutionising the way we can all do business and we’re excited about the opportunities that’s going to open up for us and for our customers. If you’d like to know more about the new contractual model, talk to the Perfect Colours sales team on 0845 680 9000.

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