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The ONYX Thrive 221 upgrade continues

The ONYX Thrive 221 upgrade continues

After rolling out the latest upgrade package in the autumn, ONYX is continuing to offer a special price deal when you upgrade your existing ONYX RIP or OEM RIP to Thrive. You’ll be able to save up to £1,900 with the Thrive 221 Special Edition, which includes two RIPs, two printers, a job editor, ICC profiling and step & repeat. It’s an amazing offer on an extraordinary product – the only truly scalable end-to-end workflow solution that allows you to optimize any size of print shop and maximize your production. Don’t miss out!

Why choose ONYX Thrive 221?

ONYX Thrive workflow software is a fully scalable print production solution based on Adobe technologies. What this means is that small print shops can invest with the confidence that they’re not going to outgrow it, no matter how big their business grows or how quickly it takes off. It provides users with a true end-to-end PDF workflow, from digital file submission through colour management, printing and cutting. And it comes with a browser-based user interface that allows you to control your workflow from anywhere – for optimized operator and output device productivity.

Key features

  • Network-based license providing long-term solution for growing businesses
  • 100% Adobe technology throughout
  • Easy to add RIPs, printers, workflow modules and job editors to meet demand
  • Submit jobs remotely using Thrive Production Manager
  • Control your print production with the click of a button
  • Reduce pre-press, proofing cycles and reworks
  • Add processing and printing capabilities independently
  • Access specific modules including ONYX Hub, ONYX Connect, ColorCheck and AccuBoost to create your most powerful workflow
  • Job ticketing allows you to track job data
  • QuickSets and unlimited Hot Folders speed up production and minimize errors
  • Automated nesting, tiling and rotation with colour-managed previews, including finishing marks
  • Unique PowerChroma Black Generation and integrated ink savings with GCR+
  • ChromaBoost gamut mapping and extensive finishing and job editing tools
  • Step & Repeat is now a standard ONYX RIP feature

To find out how you can take advantage of this amazing offer, talk to the Perfect Colours sales team on 0845 680 9000.

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