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What is a plotter printer?

What is a plotter printer?

Realising that you need specialist printing technology can be overwhelming. Not only do you have to work out precisely what type of printer you need, you then need to identify what you need that printer to be able to do! To get you started on understanding your printing needs, we are looking at plotter printers to help you to understand what businesses they can best serve, why a specialist printer can help and what your options are on the market today.

Note* – Post updated and corrected for 2022

How does a plotter printer work?

Nowadays, you might also hear a plotter printer referred to as a technical, CAD and GIS large format printer. It’s a printer which uses either a pen, pencil or marker to draw multiple lines onto the page creating accurate and sharp images.

What is the difference between a standard printer and plotter printer?

A traditional printer uses a toner to print multiple dots of ink onto the paper or material being used. This can then make straight lines not as clear or straight as they might need to be. A plotter printer, in using a precise tool such as a pencil, and then printing in lines is much more accurate.

In addition, a plotter printer can be used to print on a wide-variety of materials, not just paper. Whatever your need might be, a plotter printer can print onto things like plywood, aluminium, cardboard or plastic.

For that reason though, you will find that plotter printers are larger than standard printers, so you do need to consider the size of space you will need in order to be able to house your printer.

Who uses plotter printers?

The accuracy which a plotter printer provides means that it is ideal for use within the architecture industry for printing blueprints and building designs. Large-format printers also then allow for a whole design to printed on one sheet of paper. Plotter printers maintain a very high resolution, making them ideal for documents which need unfailing reliability and accuracy. For that same reason, you’ll also find plotter printers being used within the engineering and construction industries as well.

What plotter printer options do I have?

We have a wide range of large-format plotter printers available from big-name companies including HP, Epson and Canon. Here are three of our favourites for you to consider as you start your search:

HP Designjet T830

A compact 36-inch printer, this is a robust printer built to last. It even comes with a rugged case to protect it from dust and dirt should you wish to place it on a construction site. It prints line drawings of A1 size in just 25 seconds, which makes it one of the fastest printers around. There’s also an in-built wi-fi connectivity meaning you can put it wherever is most convenient.

Epson SureColor SC-T7200

This is another high-speed plotter printer which will produce the accurate images you need. It can produce an A1 print in just 28 seconds, and also has 320GB HDD so you don’t need to wait for one job to finish before you queue the next one. It also uses Epson’s UltraChrome XD pigment ink to produce crisp, dense lines and deep blacks.

Canon imagePROGRAF iPF825

For the most demanding CAD and GIS work this printer is ideal. It’s 44 inches, so can print onto very large materials but is also speedy with an A1 print coming out in just 24 seconds. Ideal for new businesses, this printer also has a built-in accounting function which allows you to accurately track your costs per print and the money you are spending on your printer. It also has an economy mode where you can use less ink to save money.

Is it time for a plotter printer?

If you are thinking of getting a plotter printer for the first time, then our rental options might be ideal for you. We have a wealth of printers available which can be leased at a reasonable monthly cost. This allows you to understand your printer needs without having invested a large amount of money in a printer which you might find doesn’t quite fit your needs. To find out more, call us today.

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