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Kala AppliKator - Perfect Colours

Setting new standards for flatbed mounting and laminating, the Kala AppliKatorcan expand to fit your business

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Kala AppliKator

Key features

  • With a usable width of 1.7m, the 2.07m length can be extended to be as long as you want by adding modular sections of 2.35m
  • Assembled on site, it can be installed anywhere – in places where single-piecesystems can’t be delivered
  • Roller pressure provided by rapid action electric motors on both sides of the machine, with no requirement for compressed air
  • Ergonomic to use – the machine can be operated from both sides, using one hand to drive the carriage to the required position, adjust pressure and drive the roller down
  • Adjustments can be made while the carriage is moving
  • The table top is covered with an antistatic and phthalate-free cutting mat

Buying options

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Evolution and growth

This unique mounting table can grow with the development of your business. It comes with a usable width of 1.7m, and a length that you can expand as many times as you need to. So if today’s space or budget is limiting you, you know you’ll be able to go bigger in the future. An additional shelf underneath the table gives you extra space for storing media and materials.

Roller elevation system

With rapid action electric motors providing the pressure on the roller, you’ll have no need for compressed air. The motors are powered in low tension and secure a fast descending or downward cycle. This is controlled by pressing a button until you reach the desired pressure level, indicated by a buzzer. The AppliKator offers three levels of pressure and guarantees to reproduce the same job quality every time according to the media. The unique elevation system includes a safety laser sensor that detects the media or any obstacle and slows down before touching the substrate.

Ergonomic to use

Your operator will be able to work from both sides of the table, even with smaller width boards, which don’t need to be positioned centrally. This means higher productivity, greater efficiency and less back pain. It also offers unique user safety – the detection laser slows down the roller downward cycle, reducing the risk of accidents. When the pressure adjustment button is released, the roller is instantly raised. The working height can be adjusted at installation to 80, 90 or 100cm.