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HP Scitex FB500 endorsed by rapidly expanding retailer

HP Scitex FB500 endorsed by rapidly expanding retailer

HP's large format printers can easily enable small shops to flourish into fully-fledged design, print production and signage services, according to a family retailer.

Paul Townsend and his wife Julie have expanded their own single-front store into an anything-goes printing facility over the course of 10 years. It now occupies three-shop fronts in Townsville, Queensland, reports

Using one of Hewlett Packard's Scitex FB500 robust combo flat-bed printers, Mr Townsend says that he can now print anything from "car bumper stickers and retail signage to large-format outdoor banners and construction hoardings."

According to Mr Townsend anyone can use the Scitex FB500 flat-bed, because it simply handles anything the couple throw at it - perhaps inspiring others throughout the world to invest in it too.

"It's robust, reliable, fast, prints at high quality, is cost competitive and easy to operate," he says. "And because of its size, capacity and flexibility it has enabled us to produce work at the industrial end of the market where runs are longer and that has given us opportunities for new business."

According to, the Scitex FB500 delivers jobs quickly because it can take four sheets of media at a time, up to 1.6 metres in size - as well as print on virtually any rigid or flexible media.

In addition, the printer doesn't require any daily printhead maintenance thanks to remote monitoring supplied by the HP Embedded Web Server. Low maintenance was one of the most important considerations Mr Townsend considered when investing in his large-format printer.

"Reliability of equipment is crucial especially when you are not located in a capital city," said the business owner, whose main clients are primarily made up of retail and tourism companies.

"We've got great confidence in the reliability of this robust machine, but if anything went wrong we have Hewlett Packard services to back us up," he added.

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