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Buyer survey launched by Two Sides and Print Power

Buyer survey launched by Two Sides and Print Power

Companies working in the print sector have been asked to encourage their contacts to complete a survey launched by two of the industry's leading bodies.

Created by Two Sides and Print Power, the survey will tackle the debate over digital versus print; with the aim of demonstrating how important print still is to the world. reported on the move, stating: "The survey has been specially designed to discover which groups of people are still using print and are most likely to respond to printed marketing material." What's more, the director of Two Sides, Martyn Eustace, explained that it could help uncover the key benefits of utilising print advertising.

Exposing these advantages could, in turn, prove useful for those trying to sell wide-format printers, print services or any other sector-based offering. The data uncovered by the survey should help them be more focused with their selling tactics, but in order to provide them with this data, Eustace explained that everyone needs to pitch in.

"We really need the industry to do its bit," he said. "There is no point sending it to our members, the more people we can get responses from, the more useful our survey will be."

Two Sides has long fought the fight for print and according to, its key aim is to educate the world on while print is still a very much sustainable means of advertising.

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