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FESPA announces inaugural German conference

FESPA announces inaugural German conference

The Federation of Screen and Digital Printers Association (FESPA) has announced its intention to stage its first German conference, entitled Mitteleuropaischer Konferenz 2012.

This might prove a great opportunity for worldwide professionals working in the large-format printing industry to get together and discuss the state of the industry, regardless of their origins.

FESPA's CEO, Nigel Steffens, said he is "proud" that his organisation has created such an exciting event. Although tailored to the German market, any UK print professionals with a knowledge of the language may find it very beneficial; not to mention interesting. Steffens continued his comments, cited by "This will be an exciting opportunity to combine our global expertise with local knowledge.

"The environment and green issues have always been a part of FESPA events, however printers now realise that this issue has risen higher on the business agenda and this event will help printers in the region to future-proof their business."

In addition to pushing the green agenda, the 2012 Konferenz will seek to provide 'insightful analysis' on the marketplace, revealed. It will also throw the issue of standardisation out for debate. Manufacturers such as HP will act as sponsors, whilst the Sheraton Frankfurt Airport Hotel and Conference centre will play host.

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