New metal-back printing blanket developed

New metal-back printing blanket developed

A new printing blanket is being touted as a revolution in the large format printing industry, reports.

The Vulcan Metal Mytho blanket, which was developed by Trelleborg, is a metal-back printing blanket designed to be used with heatset presses. The make up for the blanket means it is able to withstand high running speeds and can keep print quality high over a long period of time.

It was developed with modern presses in mind; offering a blanket that could work effectively with the high demands of modern heatset presses. Suitable for use with neutral feed applications, the blanket can work with both conventional and UV inks. The development also features an all-new top compound which is just 1.75mm thick.

The compressible layer in the blanket is what provides it with a higher gauge than standard options and gives the blanket its quick rebound.

Speaking to about the new offering, Trellborg's technical service manager, Francesco Ferrari, explained: "New presses within the heatset market, particularly those on commercial web applications, have been designed to run at very high speeds and as such, they require blankets with very quick rebound and which are able to maintain good print quality for longer periods of time.

"The Vulcan Metal Mytho has been designed to meet these high demands and provide a superior solution which would not only provide a longer lifetime performance but outstanding print quality and paper tension."

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