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Tangible aspect of print means it's here to stay, claims expert

Tangible aspect of print means it's here to stay, claims expert

The tangible aspect of print media will allow it to survive through the 'digital age', according to marketing expert Shane Schutte.

Writing at, Mr Schutte says that consumers still trust printed promotional materials like posters, newsletters and flyers as much as they did during their heyday.

This was claimed despite the emergence of several new advertising platforms, such as social media and blogging.

Mr Schutte suggested that print and technologies like poster printers can still hold their own in a 'plugged-in' environment, with trust and tangibility being two of the biggest advantages to be gained. He stated that when it comes to advertising something significant, print is by far the best way to go about things.  

"When making important purchases such as houses, cars or holidays, there is a reason that many people still choose brochures and printed materials.

"Being handed a flyer, a printed business card or a glossy brochure still has an appeal over flicking through different screens on a tablet or smartphone in order to find the information you need," he said.

As reported by writer Philip Delaney, large businesses are now combining digital advertising techniques with print in order to gain the best of both worlds. This way, both internet users and non-internet users received targeted campaigns that are relevant to their interests. 

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