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Why have a printer audit undertaken?

Why have a printer audit undertaken?

It's in every businesses best interests to be as efficient as possible. Efficiency is arguably the most important factor in creating a successful organisation and this invaluable attribute is always better developed with small, rather than large-scale change. 

Stripping key processes down to their bare bones and starting afresh might carry benefits in the long run, but there's every chance this could have a serious impact on workflow in the meantime. This is why so many managers and executives prefer to look at implementing change in some of the smaller areas of their company to drive efficiency. One of the processes that could come under the spotlight is printing, where time and money savings can be unlocked. 

Typically conducted by large organisations with more than one printing device in their workspace, the prime purpose of a print audit is to collect metrics on printer use in order to ascertain the true costs and efficiency of the print workflow.

If you're considering a print audit for your own business, here's what you need to know about the service: 

In-depth analysis

By undertaking a print audit you'll learn all sorts of things about your machines that you may not have picked up otherwise. The auditor will look at a range of factors to determine just how efficient your print workflow is. This could include basic facts like how many machines you have and how old each machine is. 

It's through this study that you'll learn more about their machines and learn how to manage them better in the future.    

Expert's opinion

You should not trust a print audit with someone who does not know the technology inside out. The idea of conducting an inspection of print workflow is that you're given the guidance you need to boost your organisation's efficiency.

Only a qualified print engineer can conduct a full cost analysis of your current operation, including materials and labour. At the end of the audit you'll be handed a full report with recommendations on cost savings and print efficiency. 

Printing is still a significant process for any business and with the help of an expert engineer, there's every chance you could save money every single day.    

Routine check-up

Of course, there's every chance your printing operation is running efficiently and does not require any drastic improvements. However, print requirements change over time and an audit can highlight where you might be going wrong.

For example, if your organisation has taken on an additional ten members of staff who happen to use certain printing devices on a daily basis, your existing machines may have become overburdened by the extra workload. You might need an inspection to determine whether the current machines can deal with the additional requests, as this could be costing your business dearly.

So, it may not involve large-scale change, but a print audit could prove vital to your company's overall efficiency.  

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