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Stay ahead of the curve and keep up with demand in point of sale soft signage printers

Stay ahead of the curve and keep up with demand in point of sale soft signage printers

Whilst soft signage printers may not be at the top of most company wishlists, those who've invested in the technology are often suitably rewarded. Not only can it enable brands to take their marketing printing in-house, but enable projects to be turned around in double quick time.

So what exactly is soft signage printing and how can it help boost business offerings?

What is it?

Soft signage printing simply involves the use of fabric or textiles instead of paper, card or other such materials. These textiles can then be used in a number of ways to help market a brand. For example, companies heading to trade shows or conferences can print up large and eye-catching banners to make up the surround of their display.

Elsewhere, it can be used on flags outside business premises or even to sponsor certain events, such as sporting activities or business events. On top of all this, well-designed and implemented soft signage can be backlit to really show off the message and use the piece to its full advantage.

What are the benefits?

As noted above, one huge benefit of companies having their own soft signage printer is the ability to turn around their projects very quickly. With the technology at hand, there is no need to wait for third party printing firms to receive, print and then despatch an order, but can instead be done in-house immediately. Not only that, any issues which arise during printing can be rectified immediately, without the lengthy process having to revert straight back to square one.

There's also the benefit of being able to turn projects around using a much more agile approach. Small jobs can be done regularly without the need to bulk order a great deal when the time dictates. This means smaller, more reactive projects are much more achievable than they otherwise would have been.

What do you need?

For soft signage printing, the first thing a company will need is (of course) a printer which is designed specifically with this in mind. Simply running textiles through a standard large format printer won't work, so businesses will instead need to get a dedicated soft signage printer. For printing on textiles, dye sublimation needs to be top quality in order to achieve a quality, professional finish.

It's not just the printers which need to be considered but the dyes as well. As soft signs are typically displayed outdoors - or at the very least in indoor areas where there's an abundance of natural light - attention needs to be paid to its UV durability. Nobody wants their print work to fade and dull over a short space of time as it would not only need more regular replacing but also look wholly unprofessional. Therefore, UV durability is a key consideration when purchasing ink.

As all of the above should attest, there's a great deal of thought which needs to go into purchasing a soft signage printer. Once this has been done, though, the results (not to mention practicality benefits) should be more than worth the effort.

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