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Overview: Epson SureColor S30600

Overview: Epson SureColor S30600

Quality and cost-efficiency are the two biggest priorities when it comes to printing. In order to offer the best products and services at appealing prices, reprographics centres and digital copy shops must be able to keep costs down without compromising on the standard of the finish. This begins with choosing the right equipment, and the Epson SureColor (SC) S30600 could well be the perfect solution.

A trusted name

Seiko Epson - or simply Epson as it is more commonly known - is one of the world's most reputable printer manufacturers. Based in the Nagano region of Japan, the company has been producing state-of-the-art printing equipment for more than 50 years now. It is even credited with creating the first ever electronic mini-printer, the EP-101. This kind of innovation has continued to underlie Epson's output and the SC-S30600 exemplifies this perfectly.


These days, printing firms are expected to cover all bases with the services they offer. An extensive range of capabilities means the SC-S30600 fits in with this requirement perfectly. With the ability to produce everything from banners, exhibition displays and signs to posters, decorations and point-of-sale materials, the SC-S30600 is an invaluable tool for any printing professional to have in their arsenal.

Flexibility is also on offer when it comes to materials. Large-scale events banners can be created from high-quality canvas, for instance, or clear film and vinyl can be used to produce striking vehicle wraps. With a maximum width of 162cm as well, size is rarely an issue.


Producing large, high-quality printed products can be challenging and often requires the expertise of one - or even multiple - specialists. With the SC-S30600, however, Epson has made the process significantly easier with the help of a simple roll-loading mechanism and user-friendly media tensioning controls. With all of these innovative features combined, set-up time can be substantially reduced.

Productivity is also boosted by the sheer speed at which the machine can operate. In some modes, for example, the SC-S30600 is capable of reliably printing at speeds as high as 29.4m2 per hour.


Mechanical hardware isn't the only part of the printing equation; ink has an important part to play too. For the SC-S30600, Epson has chosen to further develop the UltraChrome GS offering that was used in the popular Stylus Pro GS6000 printer. UltraChrome GS2 builds on its predecessor's strengths by using a new yellow formulation, giving three years of outdoor lightfastness - and this can be improved further with lamination. The new ink is also nickel-free and odourless, meaning the printer can be set up in an office environment.

The SC-S30600 makes it extremely easy for anyone to create professional-standard printed materials. More than this, though, it performs with energy efficiency and speed to ensure maximum productivity is possible with minimal expenditure.

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