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Josh Trownson from Captain Cyan tells us why they love their HP Z6200 and the new HP Latex 330

Josh Trownson from Captain Cyan tells us why they love their HP Z6200 and the new HP Latex 330

We bought both the HP Z6200 and the newly released HP Latex 330 after meeting with our account manager at Perfect Colours, Nick Martin, at Sign and Digital UK in May 2014. The Z6200 is an upgrade to our previous HP Z3200, which has been of great service to us over the past three or so years. Buying the Z6200 was a great way to increase our print capabilities with a wider, faster and more cost-efficient machine. We also decided to invest in the Latex 330 to enable us to expand the range of products we offer from just printing posters and canvases, to include pop-up stands, roller banners and outdoor PVC banners. Our client base has grown significantly since we bought our new printers. We get a large percentage of our orders through our online ordering system (Captain Cyan). Our online customers range from small to large businesses, as well as students and medical professionals. While historically the bulk of our work has serviced this demographic, and it remains a significant part of our business, the investment in the Latex 330 in particular has resulted in a dramatic increase in the number of roller banner, outdoor banner and pop-up stand jobs that we undertake. We also recently expanded our client base to include fulfilment orders for a range of online wholesalers.

Extremely Reliable

We focus on poster printing with our Z62000, and roller banners and other exhibition graphics using our Latex 330. We've found both the Z6200 and Latex 330 to be extremely reliable, and, used in conjunction with Caldera RIP, they've improved our job workflow. One of the features we appreciate most about the Latex 330 is the scratch resistance of prints, which has removed the need to laminate a lot of our output, and, as a result, has reduced the costs and time associated with finishing. If we had to change one thing however, we'd make it easier to sync the media profiles from the Latex 330 to Caldera.Over the course of the last six months since we bought the printers, we have seen our revenue increase significantly, as well as improved margins on print jobs. With the Latex 330 in particular we've been able to target new customers and jobs we couldn't previously service. We've found Perfect Colours to be really helpful in sourcing new medias to meet specific requirements, either in response to individual customer requests, or ideas for new products from our team.

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