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Achieve High Quality Results Across A Wide Range of Media

Achieve High Quality Results Across A Wide Range of Media

The new HP Latex 300 printer series enables printers and PSP to turn jobs around faster than ever. Now, with the HP Latex print-and-cut dual device solution you can tackle high demands and streamline your workflow like never before. Obtaining the highest quality results across an ever growing range of media to meet customers demands give your business the edge it requires.

Impress clients with the superior HP Latex 300 series

Turn job orders around in record time

Prints are dry as soon as they come off the printer, plus, there is no need to laminate media such as self-adhesive vinyl! This allows you to ship directly to your customer and get going with the very next job.

Go where your competitors can not

HP Latex printers use Greenguard certified inks, prints can be used in public place such as schools, hospitals and restaurants unlike prints completed on solvent printers. The HP Latex 300 series helps distinguish your business in a competitive market and lets you impress clients with consistent, high quality prints with superior attention to detail across a wide range of print-and-cut applications.

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