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Lucky number 7: the 7 Nines promotion from HP

Lucky number 7: the 7 Nines promotion from HP

There aren’t many sign and display printers left who haven’t heard of the barnstorming HP Latex range. But, in the aftermath of the Chinese New Year, perhaps it’s time to reconsider how the auspicious number 7 might be lucky for your wide-format business.

The high-quality Latex ink formula has helped many sign-makers expand into new business areas. All of the models in the series, from the seriously cost-effective HP Latex 310 to the profit-focused Latex 330, contain features dedicated to expanding production.

Not only does the unique HP Latex ink formula mean you can print to many different substrates, including polyester-based fabrics, but they’re also recyclable afterwards, allowing you to tick several CSR (corporate social responsibility) boxes with eco-conscious corporate and retail clients.

From now until 9th May we’re offering a special HP-backed promotion on the Latex 310 and Latex 330, which are available for this limited period at £7,999 and £9,999, ex VAT, respectively.

So – make your own luck and check out the 7 Nines promotion here, while stocks last.

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