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Introducing Open Bee: a solution for electronic document management

Introducing Open Bee: a solution for electronic document management

How often do you waste precious minutes searching through your filing cabinet for a document, only to find that it was on your desk all the time? Or wish that you had access to your company archives when you’re sitting on the train? How useful would it be for you to collaborate with colleagues on a single document, even though you’re located in different offices?

Open Bee offers a solution to all these and a whole raft of other problems.

What is Open Bee?

Open Bee is an integrated electronic document solution that can release your office from the constraints of paper document processing. In other words: you won’t lose that file any more, because it will be safely stored in the cloud and you’ll know exactly where to find it. Open Bee turns your paper office into a virtual office.

Imagine the possibilities.

Open Bee allows you to store all your information in one secure, online space. Your document management processes will be streamlined, enabling you and your colleagues to get the best use of your information assets. By using the Open Bee suite, you’ll liberate your staff from time-consuming admin and archiving, while at the same time simplifying multiple processes such as invoicing, pay roll, CRM and document approval – all via a single, intuitive dashboard.

Enhancing teamwork

Teamwork achieves better results and Open Bee makes it easier than ever before to share information and collaborate on strategic documents. Create work areas for your projects, collate the necessary documents and invite team members to contribute, edit and share. Piles of paper and multiple versions of the same document will be a thing of the past.

Save money, time and space

With Open Bee, archiving is simply the press of button. No more expensive storage of hard copies – all your information, past and present, is categorised and catalogued in a secure online space. State of the art encryption keeps it safe, while you have easy access to it whenever and wherever you need it.

Open Bee: the range

There are five Open Bee products that together form a modular solution to electronic document storage.

  • Open Bee Portal – classify, search and share all types of files
  • Open Bee Doc Office Manager – integrate with Microsoft office
  • Open Bee Scan – convert paper documents into the most convenient format
  • Open Bee Sync – synchronise your saved documents across all your devices
  • Open Bee Mobile – use Open Bee on your mobile

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