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Introducing Open Bee™ solutions

Introducing Open Bee™ solutions

In something of a new departure, Perfect Colours is now stocking a modular software solution called Open Bee™. Open Bee™ is an electronic information solution that aims to help companies move from document-based processes towards a paper free office. The by-product of this is that all the company’s information and data is centralised in a secure cloud-based space.Add value by being better organised.

Open Bee™ comprises a suite of integrated electronic document solutions, which can be used either individually or together to streamline document management processes. By rationalising information in this way, businesses are able to get the best use from their data. The user interface allows for the fast and intuitive management, storage and dissemination of information, while releasing staff from time-consuming admin and archiving. Processes are simplified, making functions such as invoicing, payroll and CRM more effective and efficient.

An extra member of the team

Used to its full effect, Open Bee™ becomes an additional member of the team. It makes it easier than ever before to share information and collaborate on strategic documents, enhancing the overall contribution that teamwork can make to moving the business forward. With Open Bee™, users can create work areas for team projects and share access to files and folders across departments and specified groups. The unnecessary duplication of paper documents is eradicated and there is no longer a risk of losing valuable files and copies. All the relevant information for a project is held securely online, readily available to whomever needs it.

Significant savings in time, money and space

The Open Bee™ suite of solutions is all about streamlining and rationalisation. Companies that embrace the paperless office find that it comes with substantial benefits. By eliminating the need for hardcopy archiving, businesses save not only time and space but also money. Critical information is securely encrypted and stored online, while being easy to access when required. Open Bee™ incorporates a powerful integrated search engine to ensure the fast retrieval of valuable data.

The Open Bee™ modules

Open Bee™ solutions has been developed as a range of modules to allow companies to craft the paperless environment in the way that suits them best. Users can choose from a number of functional elements to streamline their document processes.

Open Bee™ Portal

Open Bee™ Portal is the basic building block of the Open Bee™ system. It is an easy-to-use electronic document solution which allows users to classify, retrieve, track and share data and files. For businesses that want to go paper free, utilising the power of Open Bee™ Portal is the first step.

Open Bee™ Doc Office Manager

The Doc Office Manager allows users to integrate directly with their Microsoft Office suite. A few simple clicks and documents are classified, archived, shared and retrieved.

Open Bee™ Scan

The days of being constrained by the sheer weight of paper documents building up in the office are over. Stacks of folders and overstuffed filing cabinets can be consigned to the past. With Open Bee™ Scan, hard copies are transformed into electronic documents, which are then classified, encrypted and securely stored in the cloud. Productivity gains are significant and the physical workspace becomes decluttered, brighter and lighter.

Open Bee™ Sync

This module allows users to synchronise all their saved documents across a wide range of devices. Team workspaces are automatically synchronised so that every member of team always has access to the most up-to-date versions of the work. Each time there is an addition, modification or deletion to a document the change is extended to all the relevant and connected computers and devices in which the document sits.

Open Bee™ Mobile

Everybody works on the move these days and having the ability to access projects and documents while in transit it is vital. Open Bee™ Mobile allows teams to share and collaborate remotely, while travelling and in the office. Sales managers are able to communicate with and update their sales teams even when they’re out on the road.

For more information or a demonstration of how Open Bee™ could help your company become document-free, call Perfect Colours on 0845 680 9000

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