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PrintFactory – better printing at the touch of a button

PrintFactory – better printing at the touch of a button

PrintFactory is a comprehensive production suite for banner, sign and super-wide format printing, offering an all-in-one solution for automation, standardisation and unparalleled colour consistency. Powered by VISU and designed to increase production workflow by up to 50%, it is the most complete production solution available for the wide format printing market. Users reap substantial benefits as printing via PrintFactory requires less ink, less media and less time.

A comprehensive printing solution

By employing PrintFactory to manage wide format and large format print production, users have access to a comprehensive range of tools and can expect to make significant efficiency gains. It also provides consistent colour rendering across multiple printers and machines, materials and printing modes. It has the ability to convert spot colour to accurate CMYK reproduction and its integrated data preflighting allows for the reproduction of high-quality imagery across multiple platforms.

The PrintFactory user interface makes professional job preparation and file correction easy. It has ink optimisation technology built in and by reducing CMY levels and increasing black, print quality is stabilised and improved without any change to image quality. It works across multiple printers and devices, giving users the ultimate control over their workflow through one central RIP.

Big benefits for small, medium and large-scale printers

PrintFactory will work equally as well for a small sign shop with one machine as it will for industrial printer with multiple super-wide format devices. The features and benefits include:

  • PrintFactory users can expect to save up to 50% of their time, 20% of their ink and 20% of their media
  • The software provides full automation, standardisation and unparalleled colour consistency
  • PrintFactory has been designed and developed specifically for the wide-format production environment and large format production
  • It has the ability to print jobs while they are being processed
  • It’s able to drive more than 800 different printing, cutting and CTS-devices, and can be used to operate up to 1,000 machines at the time
  • PrintFactory can convert spot colour to accurate CMYK reproduction

For more information on how your business could benefit from introducing PrintFactory or to see it in action, call Perfect Colours on 0845 680 9000.

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