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The best HP plotter printers for your business

The best HP plotter printers for your business

Here are our top picks from our HP large format plotter range, each designed to give your business the edge in vector graphic printing

Plotter printers, or large format CAD (computer-aided design) printers, are used to bring vector graphics to life. Using things like pens, pencils, markers or other writing tools, a plotter printer creates a series of continuous lines rather than with dots like a traditional printer.

Large format plotters interpret CAD packages to draw lines straight from vector graphic files onto plotter paper. As the first type of printer able to print in colour and render full-sized engineering plans, mechanical drawings and blueprints, plotters were specifically designed for use in the architecture, engineering and construction industries. If your business relies on large format vector graphics of any kind, a plotter printer is an essential piece of kit.

Hewlett-Packard (HP) is the world’s leading manufacturer of plotter printers and at Perfect Colours, we boast one of the most extensive selections of HP large format plotters around. We also have a great collection of used plotter printers for sale.

Here are our top picks from our HP large format plotter range, each designed to give your business the edge in vector graphic printing:

HP Designjet T520 plotter 24in CQ890A and 36in CQ893A

With its ability to print smaller documents on the T520 24in and up to A0 on the T520 36in, the HP Designjet T520 plotter series has been designed to meet the needs of small collaborative creative groups. This large format plotter can create fine detail on a range of print materials, and can comfortably slot into work environments where space may be at a premium thanks to its compact size.

HP Designjet T930 Large Format Printer

Using six original HP inks to generate beautifully vivid full colour images, the HP Designjet T930 large format plotter boasts a wider colour gamut than many previous plotters. Get stunning results in full 2400 dpi resolution and even print from your smartphone, tablet or USB drive with HP Mobile Printing connectivity. If security is high on the list of priorities, this HP large format plotter delivers with optional protocols including IPSec, 802.1x, SNMP v3 and more.

HP Designjet T1300 24in CR652A PostScript Printer

This CAD plotter saves valuable time with its capability to print on different plotter paper types and sizes without the need for manual switching. Send documents to print to the HP Designjet T1300 while on the move by simply attaching them to an email with ePrint functionality and enjoy the freedom to bring your graphics to life on a variety of media, from film and vinyl substrates to bond and coated plotter paper.

HP Designjet T120 24in CQ891A ePrinter

If space is an issue, this neat ePrinter could be the answer. As the smallest HP plotter of its type, it can easily fit into any office, either on a stand or existing surface, while offering powerful and cost-effective plotting performance. It’s fast too, the HP Designjet T120 24in CQ891A large format plotter can print an A1 page in just 70 seconds, equating to 40 A1 pages per hour.

HP Designjet T795 44in CR649C ePrinter

With its 16GB of built in memory, large complex files are no match for the HP Designjet T795 – it can reproduce an A1 print in under 28 seconds. This HP large format CAD plotter includes a True Print Preview Driver, allowing you to see and correct any areas of your graphic which may not render with 100% accuracy before you print. Its web connectivity enables printing from anywhere in the world and ensures that its firmware is automatically kept up to date.

HP Designjet T3500 36in B9E24B Production eMFP

This is HP’s first superfast production large format plotter, boasting zero warm up time and capable of full colour A1 prints in only 21 seconds. The HP Designjet T3500 also has a built-in HD scanner ideal for advanced batch scanning and multipage PDFs. Users can create unique PIN codes to add an extra level of security to sensitive or confidential jobs, and it’s one of the most environmentally friendly CAD plotters around, only requiring half the energy per plot than equivalent black and white LED MFPs.

This is just a sample of our great range of HP large format plotters, take a look at our Technical, CAD and GIS large format printers to browse them all. At Perfect Colours we’re confident we can find the ideal large format plotting solution for your business, so talk to us today on 0845 680 9000.

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