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What are the benefits of HP Latex Printers?

What are the benefits of HP Latex Printers?

HP Latex Printers are built to print & deliver high quality results with a versatility that cannot be beaten. Explore the many benefits they can offer you.

HP Latex Printers are built to print and deliver highquality results with a versatility that cannot be beaten. They broadenbusinesses offerings and, because the media that is compatible with theseprinters is forever increasing and improving, a latex printer will allow anybusiness to have extremely professional results in an optimum time. So, why HPLatex Printers? Let’s take a look at themany benefits HP Latex Printers can offer your business:

Key benefits of HP Latex Printers

  • Versatility for both indoor and outdoor printing

HP Latex Printers can print a huge range of signage for both outdoor and indoor use, including billboards, adverts, vehicle wraps, and bus shelters, as well as interior decorations, graphics, banners, and wall coverings. This versatility makes latex printers great for businesses, allowing them to offer a greater range of products and take on projects that they otherwise may not have the capacity to complete.

  • Eco-friendly

Latex inks are not only eco-friendly, but they also have the edge over eco-solvent technology as a water-based latex ink is non-flammable and doesn’t actually require any hazard or dangerous warning labelling. What’s more, there is no need for special ventilation with a latex printer as the ink has no dangerous air pollutants.

This means that a latex printer will not only improve employees working environment and surroundings, but it will attract customers who are concerned about the environment and prefer to use businesses who are eco-friendly. The ink is also odourless, which is a huge benefit for many businesses, hospitals, and health clinics where the strong odour of ink may cause problems.

  • High quality prints that instantly dry

HP Latex Printers have the ability to work at high speeds whilst creating extremely high-quality prints each and every time. The materials being printed on will also be delivered instantly dry, which is perfect if the finished result needs laminating or to be ready for instant use. Avoiding the usual wait time that comes hand in hand with printed products will allow a business to increase production speeds and therefore take on more work.

Versatile printers

HP Latex Printers certainly offer a whole host of positive benefits for both customers and businesses. Because the latex ink will work where usual solvents won’t, these printers allow for businesses to branch out and work with a larger and more diverse range of clients. This increased versatility can increase job intake, produce higher profits, and create a more productive workforce. Expanding the solutions and efficiency of any business can only be a step in the right direction to becoming bigger and better.

Large format printer solutions

At Perfect Colours, we provide large format printer solutions for businesses, offering a range of suppliers and manufacturers. Our range of HP Latex Printers range from the larger HP Latex 3600 Production Printer , which is able to minimise operator hours due to the heavy duty rolls and 10-litre ink supplies, to the smaller HP Latex 315.

If you would like to discuss the purchase, rental or lease of a HP Latex Printer, or any other large format printers, please get in touch! We can provide you with a free, no-obligation quote and any other information you might require.

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