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Introducing Perfect Colours Pay-As-You-Go for the HP DesignJet T3500PS

Imagine having a printer on which there were no rental payments, no lease payments but just a simple pay as you go system that included media, ink, printheads and next-day, onsite service. Like the idea? You can have it, with our new Pay-As-You-Go scheme.

What are the benefits of Pay-As-You-Go?

Large format commercial printers can represent a substantial capital outlay for small to medium-sized companies, but if you need one to be able to do your business, it’s an issue you can’t avoid. Either you’ll have to pay out a lump sum of cash or, if you haven’t got that, you’ll end up paying over the odds in rental or lease payments. Not anymore, however. Perfect Colours has devised a new way of meeting your printing requirements.

Our new Pay-As-You-Go initiative is a flexible monthly contract that is tailored to suit your business and your workflow. This is how it works:

      • Instead of a large capital outlay, you sign up to a monthly contract.
      • Contracts can vary in duration, from three years up to five years.
      • Your monthly price includes media suitable for technical drawings, all ink, printheads and associated consumables.
      • It also includes next-day, onsite service.
      • You pay for what you print, with prices starting at just £1.50 per square metre.
      • The minimum requirements are 500 square metres per month and a three-year contract.
      • With no up-front outlay and a predictable single monthly payment for all your printing needs, the new scheme is the painless way to boost your print production.

Use Pay-As-You-Go to secure an HP DesignJet T3500PS

The HP DesignJet T3500PS makes the perfect partner for our new Pay-As-You-Go scheme – it’s a high-volume production printer that will allow you to seriously expand your workflow. The T3500PS is ideal for companies looking for a fast and robust workhorse that’s versatile, and cost-effective without losing out on quality.

      • Offer your clients fast turnarounds by printing A1 pages in 21 seconds, with first page out in an instant thanks to ultra-fast processing and zero warm-up time.
      • Print, scan and copy with advanced features and efficient workflow tools – presets, batch scanning, multipage PDFs and scan to email.
      • Keep your office organized and clutter-free thanks to the 100-page stacker and collation function.
      • The T3500PS can operate unattended, thanks to two heavy rolls of up to 200m (650 ft) and an ink capacity of 1800ml.
      • Embedded professional accounting features allow for effective project management.
      • Comes with the HP DesignJet Universal Print Driver for ease of use.
      • Security is assured with PIN protection, self-encrypting HDD with AES-256, Secure Disk Erase and IPsec.

For more information about setting up a Pay-As-You-Go contract for a new HP DesignJet T3500PS, call our sales department on 0845 680 9000.

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