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Making the most of your HP PageWide

Making the most of your HP PageWide

PageWides have a reputation for high productivity and low costs – but you might not have been aware exactly how versatile these printers are in terms of creativity. If that’s the case, now’s the time to take a look at HP PageWide XL printing solutions to expand your range of applications and take your business into new creative realms.

You can harness HP PageWide Technology for use on a broad range of media, including coated and uncoated stock, fabrics, fluorescents, self-adhesives and more. And whatever your field of business, HP PageWide printing solutions offers extensive media support across a huge range of applications, so you can stretch your imagination to new heights.

PageWide XL applications

      • CAD Drawings – deliver essential information for AEC projects with maximum client impact
      • Communications and regulations posters – inform customers, students or club members about important news, regulations and rules
      • GIS maps – create sharp and accurate drawings, satellite and aerial photos, maps and plans
      • Field maps – print rich-content photos, natural resource plans and topography plans in any work environment
      • Calendars – create poster-size calendars to organize your office schedules and highlight key dates throughout the year
      • Educational posters – use large-format educational materials to boost learning in the classroom
      • Discount POP posters – ramp up the visibility on promotions with POS posters
      • Hanging POP posters – create hanging posters for precise locations and promotions
      • Street posters and restaurant menus – effective communication with passers-by to maximise awareness of daily deals
      • Outdoor wall posters – create stunning large-format signage for maximum publicity
      • Fluorescent advertising – attract attention with eye-catching fluorescent media that can be seen from a distance
      • Banners – create public campaigns and promote events or actions using a wide range of media
      • Roll ups – attract attention by using large format roll-up banners on the move
      • Directional signage – inform and warn your customers of changes, news or hazards
      • Customized gift wraps – create customized gift wrapping for special occasions and celebrations

You can do all this and more on your HP PageWide XL – the printer that can go as far as your imagination takes it.

Learn more about PageWide XL Applications and Media in this comprehensive guide: [link to PageWide application guide]

For details about the full HP PageWide XL range or for a quote, call the sales team on 0845 680 9000

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