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Reinvent your printing with HP PrintOS

Reinvent your printing with HP PrintOS

If you want to get the best out of your HP fleet, now’s the time to start using HP PrintOS. It’s a revolutionary print production operating system that incorporates web and mobile apps to simplify production, improve your operations and inspire your staff. HP PrintOS will help your team innovate, collaborate and grow, making all of your print operations more efficient and effective.

Outpace the competition

In today’s competitive world, the only way to guarantee success is to outpace your customers and your competition. You need to be better and faster than the rest, so outdated, manual and inefficient processes need to be replaced if you’re to capture the full scope of your digital business potential.

The powerful applications of HP PrintOS will enable you to get more out of your HP printers using automation and collaboration in new ways. You’ll be able to offer shorter lead times, more specialist work for a wider range of market segments and you’ll be able to customize to suit your own and your customers’ needs. Production is more complex than ever and margins are being squeezed. Using HP PrintOS will ensure that you can succeed today and grow tomorrow.

Do more with HP PrintOS

With the HP PrintOS cloud-based platform, you’ll be able to connect to your devices from wherever you are, with simplified and automated print production. There are multiple reasons for choosing PrintOS services to run your print operations:

  • HP PrintOS is easy to set up with minimal implementation costs – there’s no hardware to buy, software license fees or installation fee.
  • Automatic upgrading by HP means there’s no maintenance required – you don’t have to download, install or manage any of the programs.
  • Unlimited service – 24/7 service monitoring and automated service elasticity and capability.
  • Easy integration – PrintOS will meet your needs today and grow with you in the future. Open APIs allow fast and easy integration with other solutions and products.
  • Peace of mind – PrintOS comes with state-of-the-art HP security and privacy features.

PrintOS applications

  • PrintOS Site Flow – manages high volumes of short-run and personalized jobs from submission to shipment.
  • Print OS Box – manages files from a variety of sources, making it easier to communicate with print buyers and to submit jobs to production.
  • Imposer – your sophisticated, yet easy-to-use, imposition tool.
  • Composer – high-performance composition for HP SmartStream Designer and HP SmartStream Mosaic variable data jobs.
  • Jobs – actionable insight into your workload status to facilitate informed decisions and create a more effective print operation.
  • Print Beat – providing historical and near real-time press data so you can make better-informed decisions to achieve operational excellence. Add the Print Beat Mobile App to access it from your smartphone.
  • Media locator – your database of certified media.
  • Substrate Manager – allowing you to share custom media profiles across your fleet of HP Indigo printers.
  • Resource Manager – central resources management of in-shop devices such as HP SmartStream Production Pro.
  • Knowledge Zone – a repository of technical, training, application and marketing resources.
  • Service Center – your gateway to all HP service tools and processes.
  • Open API – simple integration with third-party products and applications.
  • Partner Ecosystem – leverage pre-integrated web-to-print and content providers to innovate and grow.

For more information or to see how HP PrintOS could benefit your operations, give the sales team a ring on 0845 680 9000.

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