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Introducing the new HP Configuration Center

Introducing the new HP Configuration Center

Looking for a new way to monitor and control your printer configurations across your entire HP Latex fleet? HP allows you to address your most common concerns by giving you complete control over all you print production operations. The new HP Configuration Center app in HP PrintOS allows you to achieve near real-time visibility across your fleet colour configuration status and gives you remote control over all your Latex printers’ substrate settings, across all your sites.

Stay in control

Do you sometimes worry that your operators don’t execute the right colour routines after changing the printhead or loading new materials? Or is it a problem to meet tight deadlines and achieve a balanced workload across all your sites? The HP Configuration Center is the solution you’ve been looking for.

It allows you to quickly and regularly check that your operators are performing all the necessary routines, and you’ll get actionable insights which will significantly reduce the risk of colour inconsistencies. You’ll be able to see Recommended On-Device Actions across your fleet, such as pending printhead alignments, colour calibrations, substrate packages to install and firmware updates. Additionally, with access to our Substrate Library, you’ll be able to access every possible substrate configuration for your device – and all this from one place.

You’ll see at a single glance:

  • My substrates – all the substrates used by each of your devices
  • HP Media Locator – all the available HP substrates
  • Reseller Substrates – the substrates your media partner or reseller can supply

It makes identifying the right substrate for the job so quick and easy. It puts you on top of all the substrates deployed by all your connected devices.

Backing up substrate packages and device configurations couldn’t be more simple when you use the HP Configuration Center, and you’ll always have a snapshot of each device’s configurations to hand. You can check a tailored list view of the past Packages Deployed to a specific printer or look at all the substrate profiles that have been deployed and installed across your fleet.

The new HP Configuration Center is part of HP PrintOS, the cloud-based print production operating system – and you can start using it as soon as you’ve registered to PrintOS. It’s available for all 1500 and 3X00 Latex printers and will be available for 115, 3X0 and 3X5 soon. Just make sure you have the latest firmware version updated for all your Latex printers.

For more information on the Configuration Center or on available substrates, call the sales team on 0845 680 9000.

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