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See the new HP Stitch S500 at our HP Open Day

See the new HP Stitch S500 at our HP Open Day

On the 4th, 5th and 6th of September, we’ll be opening the doors of the Perfect Colours Innovation Centre for a celebration of all things HP. Come and get a first sight of the HP Stitch S500 and see the HP Latex 300, 500 and R series in action, learn about the most effective software solutions and catch up on the latest finishing equipment to use with them. With special deals on the day, it’s an opportunity that’s too good to miss.

Introducing the HP Stitch series

HP has just reinvented the world of textile printing with the introduction of its cutting-edge Stitch series – printers that will empower you to become more productive and effective in the world of textiles than you ever have imagined.

One of the biggest challenges in printing onto fabrics is getting the colour reproduction absolutely true, time after time. Achieving colour consistency with dye sub printing hasn’t been easy. However, with the Stitch series, HP has addressed these problems head-on. Using the latest thermal ink technology and built-in spectrophotometers, wasteful reprints are avoided and colours remain accurate even when conditions change.

Why HP Latex?

The HP Latex range is nothing if not versatile – you’ll be able to print on anything, from vinyl to textiles, from wall coverings to uncoated substrates. You’ll be able to take on a wider range of jobs, generate more opportunities and boost your revenue with a Latex printer. Your customers will appreciate the quality – Latex prints come out instantly dry and scratch resistant, ready for finishing and delivery. It’s a better choice for your operatives too: HP Latex inks are water-based and odour-free, which makes them easy to work with and great for the environment.

What’s on show:

  • Be among the first to see the new HP Stitch S500 – a 64” dye sub printer that can print directly onto fabric or onto transfer paper and features the world’s fastest colour profiling on the market.
  • Latex 300 printers – printing on a wide range of substrates, these competitively-priced printers are environmentally friendly and are perfect for small to medium-sized printers and organisations who want to bring their print in-house.
  • Latex 500 printers – designed for medium to large-sized print service providers, you’ll be impressed with their speed and how easy they are to operate.
  • Latex R series (HP Latex R1000 & R2000) – HP has raised the bar by creating the only truly hybrid solution that’s equally strong at both rigid and flexible printing. With a new vibrant HP Latex colour gamut and glossy white ink, the only limiting factor will be your own creativity.

Join us to learn more about these extraordinary printers at the Perfect Colours Innovation Centre in Sheffield, on:

4 September – 9.00 – 6.00

5 September – 9.00 – 6.00

6 September – 9.00 – 1.00

The team’s looking forward to meeting you!

Register here.

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