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Current trends in large format printing

Current trends in large format printing

As we head into the tail end of the year, here at Perfect Colours we’re second guessing which of the current trends in wide format printing will win big next year. The technology continues to move at lightning speed and new innovations are making it an exciting time to be in the print business. So here are some of our thoughts about where the market is strong.

Interior Décor

People are looking for more and more opportunities to personalise their surroundings with interesting designs, textures and materials. Bespoke wallpaper is huge – either in tiny designer runs, or even made to order for individual clients. Likewise, small batch upholstery, window blinds and curtain fabric is gaining ground, and art and photographic canvas is a huge area for consumer sales. Perfect Colours stocks a wide range of printers that can be put to specialist use for producing new and innovative interior décor products.

One-pass Production Printing

Another area for enhanced profit is in one-pass production printing. Clients are looking for faster and faster turnarounds. Deadlines are getting tighter and tighter. So anything that speeds up production, while reducing costs, is going to get a big vote of confidence. Single-pass printers fit the bill and are going great guns in the technical and graphics markets, as well as for sign and display applications. Our sales team can recommend a range of superfast one-pass production presses if you’re looking to improve your competitive edge.


Textiles is an expanding market, especially for more specialist short-run products. This is the area where UK printers can really compete – small runs, fast turnarounds, unique designs. Interiors is a burgeoning market for bespoke printed fabrics, as is sports and leisure wear. Producers that can print, fold, ship and even install are cleaning up in the soft signage and textile markets. Furthermore, the range and versatility of fabric printers on the market is exploding – so talk to our sales team about which of the different options would be good for your needs.

Direct Mail

Marketing is gettingpersonal, and data-drive direct mail campaigns are becoming more and more personalized. Increased personalisation across big multi-channel marketing campaigns is resulting in higher response rates by commanding greater attention in a saturated space. We can recommend innovative solutions that will help your clients reach out to their customers on an individual basis.


Luxury packaging is demanding smaller print runs for limited edition products and special promotions. Custom packaging and labels is a giant new growth opportunity and the lower entry cost of digital printing has brought it within reach of an ever-increasing range of companies. This is a great market segment for print and cut solutions, and we can show you a range of these depending on your needs.

To understand how you could take advantage of one of these burgeoning market segments, talk to the Perfect Colours sales team on 0845 680 9000.

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