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What can you do with a 3D printer?

What can you do with a 3D printer?

Thanks to significant advances in technology, 3D printers are more advanced than ever before.

From furniture, shoe designs, wax castings for jewellery, tools, and tripods, through to sculptures, models, novelty items and toys, there is no limit to what can be created using a 3D printer.

Sectors such as the aviation and automotive industries are also increasingly recognising the many benefits that come hand in hand with 3D printing.

Here’s our guide to everything that you can do with a 3D printer.

First and foremost – what is 3D printing?

3D printing is a process that involves making three dimensional solid objects from a digital file by laying down successive layers of material. These individual layers can be seen as a thinly sliced, cross-section of the finished object. Allowing you to produce a wide range of different shapes, whilst using less material than traditional manufacturing methods. It’s no surprise that several industries are taking advantage of 3D printing.

Medical Industry

In recent years, the medical industry has started to utilise 3D printing, especially when it comes to improving treatments for certain medical conditions. For example, medical professionals can use 3D printing in order to make products that perfectly match a patient's anatomy. 3D printing is also commonly used to create prosthetics and artificial organs.

Dental Sector

3D printing has been used within the dental industry for several years now and is fundamental to many workflow processes used throughout the world of dentistry. In fact, many dentists now say that they simply couldn’t be without it.

Used to make models, parts and appliances in a physical form, 3D printing has proven to be a worthwhile investment that has undoubtedly improved patient care, especially when it comes to printing items such as crowns, dentures, orthodontic models, surgical guides, aligners, retainers, and more.

Manufacturing Industry

The manufacturing industry has long been utilising 3D printing in order to create a wide range of objects including car parts, plane parts, electronics and items used within the construction industry. This has opened up a world of new and exciting opportunities for businesses to optimise performance and streamline many day to day processes and operations.

Other Industries

Of course, 3D printing is also used in a vast range of other industries, including the catering industry, education sector, robotics and much more.

In fact, it’s fair to say that 3D printing is revolutionising low-volume manufacturing and changing the world of production every single day as more businesses than ever before catch on to the many benefits that come hand in hand with 3D printing.

Household and Creative Designs

It’s not just businesses that are making use of 3D printers, they are also now available and affordable for use at home, with many people using them to print novelty items and toys, crafts and pieces of art, and 3D models for games such as Warhammer.

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