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The best latex printers for outdoor printing

The best latex printers for outdoor printing

Are you looking for a printer to print materials for outdoor use such as banners and posters?

Look no further. We’ve rounded up the best HP latex printers for outdoor printing to help you find the perfect equipment for your needs, whilst explaining why outdoor printing is important to your business.

What is latex printing?

Latex printing is used for several indoor and outdoor materials and has become increasingly popular due to the fast-drying capability of the inks and its water-based formula. Head over to our blog ‘What is Latex Printing?’ to find out more about the technique and benefits of using this method.

Why outdoor printing is important

Outdoor printing can deliver several benefits for your business, providing opportunities to advertise using small and large posters, banners or billboards. Here are some of the top reasons why we think outdoor printing is important:

Connect with potential customers

Never underestimate the power of traditional advertising to connect with your target audience. There are several outdoor places you can promote your business including phone boxes, bus stops and the side of buildings. These larger areas give you room to get creative and engage with potential customers. You could even add a QR code to allow people to find out more information once they have seen your poster, as well as a call to actions and contact details.

Grab attention with a stand-out billboard

Billboards are a great chance to grab the attention of potential customers when driving by, stuck in traffic, or just walking past your advertisement. Design something that people can’t not help but look at, and if done well, will generate a strong ROI. The large scale of billboard designs can suck people in and encourage engagement when they are designed in a smart and eye-catching way.

Keep your outdoor branding consistent

The best way to stay at the forefront of your customer's mind is to be in multiple places. Keep your outdoor branding consistent with what you put out on digital platforms to create a strong brand image that is memorable and effective.

Vinyl banners outside of your business location

Vinyl banners are a great way of communicating what your business is all about. They can be used to promote sales and offers, opening times and just simply to give passers-by a clearer understanding of what your business has to offer.

Our range of HP latex printers

Here at Perfect Colours, we have a range of latex and outdoor large format printers from HP. These give you the ability to produce durable and long-lasting promotional materials to be shown outside and are compatible with a range of materials.

The HP Latex 115 is an affordable option that allows for printing up to 54-in (1.37m) and can be used with materials such as vinyl, posters, stickers and canvases. Another popular option is the HP Latex 800W Printer, one of the top sellers in the latex series. On the larger scale, we offer printers such as the HP Latex 3000, which can print on almost any media type up to 126-in (3.2m), making it ideal for larger businesses that need to print on a more regular basis.

Find out more

To find out more about outdoor printing, explore our range of HP latex printers and please don’t hesitate to get in touch to speak to an expert member of our team.

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